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the foods you love

Our delicious range of foods have been developed by our team of food experts and Accredited Practising Dietitians.

We believe in enjoying everything in moderation, and have developed healthier versions of the foods you love. At Jenny you eat 6 times a day with a personalised menu plan to make life easy. You’ll choose from around 70 delicious meals and snacks, learn healthy habits and develop a healthy relationship with food.

A day in the life of jenny

Here’s a sample of what you might expect on our 5000 kilojoule menu. We provide your meals and a snack, and add to this your own selection of fresh fruits, seasonal vegetables, reduced fat dairy and you won't go hungry!

breakfast example

Breakfast:Toasted Berry Muesli

snack example

Snack:Banana Bread

Lunch example

Lunch:Hearty Beef Pie

dinner example

Dinner:Thai Meatballs

A taste of what we offer

Jenny Craig will work for you

“I eat more food than I normally would and still lose weight. You don’t have to plan and think about it, it was just there and you eat better and healthier than doing it yourself. I really feel like a new person” - Sheryll, Lost 18.2kgs

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