When it comes to lunch, most people think of sandwiches. Choose wholegrain varieties of bread and wraps. Wholegrain foods are higher in dietary fibre, vitamins and minerals, as well as other antioxidants. Choose lean cuts of meat (removing any skin off poultry), and use only small amount of fat spreads (e.g. margarine). And, finally add lots of vegetables! Some of our favourite combinations are;

  • Shaved roast chicken with cucumber, fruit chutney and avocado;
  • Tuna (in springwater), corn kernels, tomatoes, lettuce and mayonnaise;
  • Lean ham, baby spinach, grated carrot and wholegrain honey mustard; and
  • Cooked pumpkin, baby spinach and hummus in a pita wrap.

If you have more time, why not try some of these fantastic recipes from our 'Healthy Living for Families' cookbook, available from participating Centres for $29.95.