Why can clients on Jenny Craig
lose 3x more weight than dieting on their own?¹*

It’s all about
the support we give you.

step 1
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Connect with Your Consultant

You meet your consultant in person
in your local centre.

  • Get to know your consultant and talk about how you’ll work together best
  • Review your current weight and plan your weight loss strategy
  • Key Point: Our program works for so many people because our consultants guide and support you all the way to your goal, while never asking you to count or track. Every consultant must complete continuing education requirements so each has training that’s always up-to-date.
  • Design your Jenny Craig menu for the upcoming week and beyond—you’ll never worry about what to eat
  • Your consultant tracks progress, discuss challenges and refreshes your menu
  • Tailored to age, goals and physical abilities
  • Adolescent program available
before & after
“The moment I was with my Jenny Craig consultant and stepped on those scales after completing my first week on the program and saw a significant loss, something instantly clicked for me...”

- Jess lost 40KG*

step 2
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Design Your Menu of Jenny Craig Food

Pick up your food when you meet with your consultant.

  • Our food is the foundation of the Jenny Craig program
  • You and your consultant will pick menu items that will keep you satisfied
  • Every item is portion controlled to ensure you lose weight
  • You get to eat six times a day so you’re never hungry
  • Key Point: By eating smaller meals throughout the day, you keep your metabolism burning, which means you burn more fat and calories without realizing it.
  • Jenny Craig foods are healthier versions of your favourites
  • You’ll learn to volumise each meal with your own foods to help you feel full
  • Key Point: Remember, with every meal you’re one step closer to your goal
  • Vegetarian options available
  • Breastfeeding friendly
  • Type 2 diabetes friendly

Programs start at $4.78/week

plus the cost of food (from AU$18 / NZ$21 per day)

Programs start at $4.78/week

plus the cost of food (from AU$18 / NZ$21 per day)

before & after
“My wife suggested Jenny, I was reluctant as I was in fear of being judged for my size, weight and being on a diet plan but upon the first consult I realised this was the best option for me. Being accountable to someone every week with an easy to follow meal plan that left me contented was awesome.”

- Ben lost 32KG*

step 3
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Reach Your Goal & Maintain Your New Weight

Every time you come in to meet with your consultant, you’re one step closer to your goal.

  • Design your Jenny Craig menu for the upcoming week and beyond
  • Set meetings to track progress, discuss challenges and refresh menu
  • Weigh and measure in private, never in front of others, so you can see your hard work paying off
  • Key Point: Members who meet with their consultants at least once a week get the best results.
  • We teach you how to transition off Jenny Craig so you maintain your weight on your own
  • Our maintenance program gives you the flexibility to add Jenny Craig foods as needed
before & after
“I had never eaten so much in one day nor was I accustomed to eating pasta or rice AT NIGHT!!! It was an easy adjustment and works perfectly with my lifestyle as I run around after two little ones.”

- Clair lost 21KG*