Weight loss products

The following products and resource materials are available for sale, at participating Jenny Centres.

Dining Out Success Guide for $12.95

Designed to make your weight loss journey easier, the compact pocket sized guide provides you with practical tips and menu suggestions to make weight loss and weight management a reality even while dining out.
Healthy Living for Families for $29.95

The Jenny Craig Healthy Living For Families Cookbook is all about the joy of cooking and eating well as a family. It has been written by our team of Jenny Craig food and nutrition experts in conjunction with Hardie Grant Books.
Healthy Living for Life for $29.95

The Jenny Craig Healthy Living For Life Cookbook is the first cookbook for Australia and New Zealand that has been solely produced here in Australia. It has been written by our team of Jenny Craig food and nutrition experts in conjunction with Murdoch Books.
Lets Eat Right for Kids for $16.95

A book by leading Australian dietitian Karen Inge which is a family guide to eating well, including food facts, meal plans, fitness tips and growth management.
Hand weights for $19.95

Want to give your walking workouts an extra 'kick'? These weights will help shape and define your arm, back, chest and shoulder muscles without placing extra stress on important joints or ligaments.
Pedometer for $29.95

You want to keep track of how many steps you take each day? Simply attach this pedometer to your belt, pants or skirt and monitor your daily steps!
Tanita scales for $179.99

Get a true picture of your health by measuring both body weight and body fat right in your own home. The Tanita Body Fat Monitor enables people who have reached their goal weight to focus on body composition.

NEW Additions: Comes with a child, adult and athlete mode to measure your body weight and a special glass hydration feature.

Jenny Program Tools

The following tools are provided as part of the Jenny program to help you achieve your goals.

My Journal

The journal is designed for clients to record their journey and track behaviour relating to food, body, mind. It helps to discover what drives choices.
Success Made Simple Guide

This manual is designed to introduce clients to our food, body, mind approach in the first four weeks on the program.
Halfway Success Guide

Upon reaching the half way to goal weight clients receive this manual which introduces strategies on independent menu planning, increased physical activity and continuous motivation.
Weight Loss Manual

In the fifth consultations clients receive this manual which is designed to help clients to learn new habits and behaviours. It help to educate on developing a healthy relationship with food, leading an active lifestyle, and establishing a balanced approach to living.
Maintenence Manual

The Mastery Maintenance Manual is designed to guide and support clients through the 12 months of maintenance. Including information such as predictors of success, proactive coping skills and self-monitoring, this guide is an essential tool for long-term success.