AntheaGrowing up I was always a little bit chubby but I didn’t really have a weight problem. I started to seriously put on weight after I got married when I was in my mid 20’s. I started to then suffer some major health issues caused by my weight.

I was now in my 40’s with 3 kids and tipping the scales at 112 kg’s. I remember going on an excursion with my son’s school and struggling to get the bus’ seat belt around me. I felt so embarrassed and disappointed with myself. I knew then that I needed to do something. My family had already missed out on too many things because of my weight.

I was embarrassed about going to the beach so didn’t take my kids to the beach and my sister in law had to.

I researched a lot ways to lose weight but in the end the only way for me to go was with Jenny Craig. As soon as I made that phone call and had my first consultation with Aime at the Prahran Centre I felt like big weight had been lifted from my shoulders. I now knew that I  finally had a focus and a goal in sight.

It’s now been 13 months since joining Jenny and I have lost a total of 55 kilos and I feel fantastic. I am finally able to run around and go swimming with my kids. I feel so fit and active that I’m playing sports that I haven’t played since I was a teenager. I’ve always loved to go clothes shopping and now I don’t have to shop only from the plus size stores I can go to my favourite fashion stores. Losing the weight with Jenny has given me my life back.

People that I haven’t seen for a while don’t recognize me now and can’t believe the transformation.

I hope that my story can inspire someone to take that first step to getting their life back and becoming the person that they really want to be.
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