ChristineI focused on three philosophies that I will live by for the rest of my life.

I began my journey into good health in February 2010, the month I changed my attitude to one that was fiercely determined had no allowance for excuses.

Prior to this, I was sitting at an unhealthy weight of 105 kg and hardly did any exercise at all. I’d been this way for over 20 years (post childbirth). Aged 54, I ran my own communications consultancy, had a very busy life working full time and being a full time mum, wife, daughter and colleague. I knew I was running a high risk of developing type 2 diabetes, heart disease, cardiovascular disease, liver damage and many other serious health complications.

I made up my mind I was not going to let these health risks creep up on me any further so began to focus on three philosophies that I will live by for the rest of my life:

  • This is unashamedly and without any guilt going to be about ME
  • It’s about ‘eating to live" as opposed to "living to eat"
  • I’ll get hot and bothered at least one hour every day

As a result I’ve established a correct eating regime and regular exercise program that are inputs to a process I’ve chosen and have control over, for living my life. The outputs of this process are maintenance of a desired weight and body size, fitness level and a healthy lifestyle. I’ve been able to maintain this process for nearly two years now. On 5 Feb 2012, I will celebrate two years since joining Jenny Craig – which is when and where it all began.

Through Jenny’s home delivery service, which included meal deliveries to my home and a weekly phone consultation, I easily adopted a 5000 kJ (1200 calories) a day eating plan, eating lots of fruits and vegetables and reducing my salt intake. I started to exercise at least an hour every day, firstly with walking round my neighborhood. The JC consultant motivated me to keep building up my exercise and really started to get interested in how I could push my body harder and harder. I then made the move to attend the gym for an average three to four times a week to build up core strength and fitness. In the second half of my first year I had built up to running an average 60-70km a week.

One year to the day after starting with JC, I had managed to lose an amazing 45kg and shaved 136cms off my entire body, but just as importantly I had completely changed my lifestyle and created a permanent discipline. Even more amazing is the fact that I’ve maintained that and stay within a kilo of my goal weight every day. During the week I now run 8km, 15km and half marathon distances (totaling 70 km a week) and over the past year have completed six fun runs. I’m training to compete in my first marathon in October 2012. Of course now I exercise more, I also eat more, but only foods that are good for me.

Jenny Craig has been a vital part of my journey to date. Getting to where I am now, (with a process that is my own and that I can control,) this wouldn’t have been possible without JC. To me, I’m still on the journey, in fact it will never end, because I keep finding out new things about myself and how to improve.

Thank you Jenny...

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* The Jenny Craig Program is designed to help you lose 1/2 to 1kg (or 1% of your body weight) per week