MelissaI have always been a very active person who danced for hours on end with no weight issues, until I had my children where with each pregnancy I put on well above the average weight gain for pregnancy and my weight ballooned. After the birth of my first child I tried several different diets with not much success, then fell pregnant again and found myself bigger than ever. It was after the birth of my son that I knew I had to do something and properly this time.

So I researched different diets programs, it was important for me that it was convenient and allowed me to continue breastfeeding, I found that Jenny ticked all the boxes. The next day I signed up and felt lighter straight away knowing that I had a consultant who would guide me through the program.  And that is exactly what Claire my consultant from Ringwood did, she was so supportive and full of tips for staying on track along with teaching me how to work the program into my different social events.

I thoroughly enjoyed the variety of food that Jenny Craig has to offer so much so that even now I’m on the maintenance phase of the program I continue to purchase it.

I also found it very convenient, each week I would go to the centre for my weigh in and pick up my meals for the next week.

Another bonus it’s real food and tastes great, which means no more shakes or diet pills for me.

From that first day on I haven’t looked back, I lost 2.5 kilos in the first week and continued losing weight over the next 7 months to reach my goal weight of 59 kilos.

Besides being a lot lighter I now have the energy to run around after my 3 year old and 11 month old plus I’m even dancing again!

And on top of my weight lose I have been given the opportunity to be part of Jenny’s new TVC commercial which was a wonderful day full of moments that I will cherish the rest of my life. I had the pleasure to meet Mel B and four other amazing women who have inspired me to continue my journey with Jenny Craig.

I am so happy I made that first phone call; I got my old body back and the knowledge to maintain it.

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