Life-changing decisions can be more convenient than you think. Choose the Jenny approach that fits you best, and let's go from there...we can't wait to meet you!

Find a Jenny Craig Centre near you
Jenny Craig conveniently delivered to your door
With over 110 locations in Australia and New Zealand, chances are there's a Jenny centre near you! Come in to talk to your consultant or pick up your food. Order from the comfort of your home or office and meals get delivered right to your door. 
In centre is right for you if:
  • You have a Jenny Craig centre close by.
  • You find face-to-face interaction makes you more accountable.
  • You like meeting other people like you.
Home delivery is right for you if:
  • There is no Jenny Craig centre nearby.
  • You'd like more privacy.
  • You're on the road a lot, and can't go into your centre often.
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Online ordering is not available in New Zealand. Check your postcode to see if we deliver to your area in Australia or speak with your local Centre to see if they can arrange delivery.