A partnership for success

When you start one of Jenny's programs, you'll get the personal attention, support and motivation you need to be successful in your weightloss goals. Your consultant will design a plan to meet your specific lifestyle and needs. Every week, you'll:

  • Assess your past week's results
  • Plan for upcoming events like dining out and travelling
  • Create an activity plan to enhance your lifestyle
  • Choose from Jenny's delicious foods for the coming weeks menu

They know what they're talking about too

Jenny's consultants are health oriented, client focused individuals who genuinely enjoy working with people. They all receive ongoing, on the job training and support, developed by industry professionals. And, they receive continuing education and advice on trends in nutrition, physical activity and motivation to keep them at the top of their game.

We asked three of our clients to share their story and what their consultant means to them. Watch the videos below.