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Karen Stafford

Jenny Craig Dietitian

Karen is an Accredited Practising Dietitian who is passionate about health, wellness and the importance of self-care, particularly for families. She loves sharing delicious food (and a cheeky glass of wine!) with friends and family. In her spare time you’ll find Karen playing Batman and dancing to the Wiggles with her two young boys.

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How to Find Your Exercise Motivation

Keeping physically active can help you achieve your weight loss goals while on the Jenny Craig program....

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How to stay sane on your next grocery shop

The weekly grocery shop is not often on the list of favourite things to do each week – supermarkets can be overwhelming...

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How to stay on track with Jenny when you’re a mum

Being a mum is amazing and one of the most rewarding jobs…

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Getting enough protein as a vegetarian

We need protein in every cell of our body for growth and repair and it’s especially important in building and maintaining our muscles..

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8 new menu items to get excited about this summer

Get excited for these new menu items added to your menus from January 14...

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How to maintain good habits all year round

It’s January and you’re motivated to start some good habits to take with you through the year...

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