How to stay positive during menopause

By   Eucalyptus VC


The mood swings, hot flushes and changing body that comes with menopause can be frustrating and overwhelming. Here’s how to keep positive during The Change.


The mental side of menopause

 The hormone changes that occur during menopause can cause our moods to dip and anxiety levels to rise, and some women can find that they catapult from delight to infuriation in a matter of minutes. Not only can these hormonal fluctuations lead to emotional feelings, but it can also leave us confused about how we really feel about an issue at hand. Add to that being woken in the night by hot flushes, making us more exhausted and potentially irritable, plus the concern about physical changes that are yet to come, and it’s little wonder many menopausal women report feeling a bit stressed.


Let your feelings out

A good way to decipher your true feelings – as opposed to a downward menopausal mood swing – is to keep a diary to get some perspective on your life experiences. Similarly, talking to someone – whether it’s a friend, family member or a professional counsellor or psychologist – can be a good way to sort through your thoughts and find a positive perspective.


Take time for fun

One of the best antidotes to worry and stress is taking part in activities that you love. Whether it’s catching up for a cuppa with a friend, playing with your grandchildren or taking up a new hobby, it’s important that you invest in yourself at this time of life. On the upside, if you’re a recent empty-nester, or your children are old enough to care for themselves, you might find yourself with more time to do the things you enjoy.


Celebrate the upside of menopause

For many women, there are some great positives that come from menopause, including saying goodbye to monthly periods and no more contraception concerns. It’s also worth remembering that some cultures view menopause as an age of wisdom, which elevates women in society, so enjoy this period of greater insight and intelligence!

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