Going through changes: Women’s weight loss and menopause

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Menopause is something that each woman experiences differently. Some of us embrace this new stage of life – allowing ourselves to slow down and make more time for the people we love, letting go of the expectations and pressures of the world and learning to accept ourselves as we are. Some of us, however, find it more challenging – our hormones are going haywire, we question the choices we’ve made in life, and our body is sending us constant, loud reminders that we are no longer the person we thought we were. And to add insult to injury – weight loss and menopause don’t exactly go hand in hand.

But if shedding some weight is your goal, we’re here to help you with weight loss motivation and guide you towards a healthy and wholesome life – menopause monster or not!

Hormones and weight during menopause

There’s no denying that the body changes during menopause, impacting the way you hold weight. Your lowering oestrogen causes a redistribution of body fat from the hips to the abdomen, changing your body from a pear shape to more of an apple (sounds sexy, right?). There is also a gradual loss of muscle mass, which slows down your metabolism making weight loss and menopause feel like an unlikely combination. But while your body is going through some unavoidable changes, there are measures you can take to lighten menopause’s load on your body (literally!).

Lifestyle factors and weight during menopause

The good news is, hormonal changes aren’t the only thing responsible for your changing body, and weight loss and menopause can certainly become friends.

As you move towards the slow-lane, your lifestyle changes and often you’re simply lacking weight loss motivation. You might find yourself feeling less drawn to exercise or more likely to snack throughout the day and eat out at night. These are all things that can contribute to weight gain but can be easily controlled. The Jenny Craig team can help create a unique, easy to follow program of diet and exercise to support you during this stage of life.

Embracing the new you

Sometimes, during the changing seasons of life we can feel as though we’re losing our sense of self. This can happen at any age – when you get your first period, when you leave home, have children, change careers, and when your children leave the nest. Life is a constant process of shedding and evolving and we need to be able to let go and accept. By clinging onto the weight of your former self, you might miss the beauty of what you’re becoming.

Make the transition smooth by maintaining a social life, being physically active, eating healthy, nutritious meals, doing the things you love (or discovering new loves), and chatting to your Jenny Craig consultant about how to navigate these changes whilst keeping up your weight loss motivation.

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