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new-mum · 09 Oct 18

New mums have a lot on their plates—and in addition to tending to your baby and your own health you may also want to start losing some baby weight. Over the years, our consultants have fielded countless questions about when and how to start this particular kind of weight loss journey of losing weight after pregancy. The good news is that Jenny Craig can help you with your weight loss after pregnancy…as well as a few other things you might not even expect!

When to join

As a new mum, you are welcome to join or rejoin Jenny Craig once your baby is six weeks old. Of course, you’ll need more kilojoules to feed your little one, so your consultant will help you set an appropriate kilojoule level based upon whether or not you’ve decided to breastfeed your baby.

Easy, tasty, healthy food

The Jenny Craig program was designed to take the guesswork (and the hassle) out of weight loss. But as it turns out, many of our new-mum clients have discovered that our easy, tasty, food is a life-saver during those sleep-deprived early months. Your consultant will help you create a menu and teach you how to supplement it with fresh produce. When it’s more important than ever to take care of yourself, Jenny Craig makes it so easy when trying to lose weight after pregnancy.

Get into the routine

Many of our new-mum clients have noticed yet another benefit of joining Jenny Craig: the establishment of a routine. During the early months, the baby’s feeding and sleeping schedule can take over your life—and to some extent, it should. But it’s also helpful to know what YOU are eating, and when, in order to make losing weight after pregnancy manageable.

Empowering YOU

How can something so small change your life so completely? Trust us: it can. But by entrusting Jenny Craig with your weight loss pregnancy journey, you’re taking control of your weight… and your health, too. Not only will it feel great to get out of those maternity clothes, you should also feel good about giving your body the nutrition it needs to stay active and energetic—two words that will soon describe your bundle of joy.

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