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new-mum · 03 Oct 18

It’s very normal and necessary to gain some weight during pregnancy. Then when the baby arrives, there is so much to think about. Almost everything revolves around food and sleep. Unfortunately, not a lot of that food and sleep is for you. With so much to do, it’s easy to fall into the sort of bad eating habits that can turn your ‘baby bump’ into a permanent feature.

Losing weight after your pregnancy will start naturally and getting back to your goal weight starts and ends with being as healthy as possible. You should focus on eating great food when you are hungry and slowly easing yourself into some regular exercise and you should start to see the kilos drop off.

If you feel that you need some help with the convenience of portion-controlled meals and some motivation from a personal consultant in your corner, then the Jenny Craig program could be for you.

You can lose weight while you are breastfeeding, but you need to take care that you are having sufficient fluids and nutrients to support feeding your baby. Public health guidelines encourage women to breastfeed for at least the first 6 months when solids are introduced and if possible for the first 12 months. How a woman chooses to feed her baby will be influenced by many factors.

If you choose to breastfeed, the amount you ate during the last trimester of pregnancy is around about what you need to eat to meet your nutritional needs and support milk production. Once breastfeeding is well established you may be able to reduce the amount of food you eat by a little to assist with weight loss, as long as you are still consuming adequate nutrients such as calcium and fluids. During breastfeeding Jenny Craig encourages a healthy rate of weight loss of no more than ½ kilo per week.

Six weeks after the birth of your baby, we welcome you to make an appointment to see one of our Consultants at your nearest Jenny Craig centre. Your Consultant will be able to suggest a plan that fits in with how you are feeding your baby and your new lifestyle. Once again, losing weight after your pregnancy starts and ends with being as healthy as possible, if you feel you need support at this time then don’t hesitate to contact your nearest Jenny Craig Centre and one of our Consultants will be able to get you started on your journey.

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