10 Minute Workouts You Can Do Anytime

By   Eucalyptus VC


Finding time to make it to the gym for an hour-long workout can be a daunting task, especially between work, getting the kids to cricket practice, and making dinner. It can be much easier to find a few minutes throughout the day for some quick exercises, and these quick workouts can really add up by the time you go to bed. Here are a few ideas for 10 minute workouts to squeeze in during the day.

Workout at work
While you’re sitting at your desk, take a few minutes to sneak in some exercise. Work on toning your arms by trying chair tricep dips. After doing several repetitions, do push ups by leaning and pushing off of your desk. Then, move on to your lower body by tackling chair sits at your desk. Lower your desk chair and with your hands on your hips, practice squatting by slowly lowering your bottom until it just above the edge of your seat. Stretching after your at-work workout will help to re-energise you!

Take a walk
During your lunch break, get outside for some fresh air and take a 10-minute, brisk walk around the block. Not only will you burn a few extra kilojoules, but you will also boost your mood and help relieve stress.

Quick yoga sequence
If you don’t have time for a full, one-hour long yoga class, why not look up a 10-minute yoga sequence on the web? Follow along with the video on your computer or smartphone. Yoga is a great way to start your morning and can help relieve stress.

Dance with your kids
Make it an after-school ritual to host a quick dance party with your kids. Have your kids pick a couple of their favourite songs and then turn up the music and get your heart rate up while you laugh and move with your family! Dancing is a fun cardio exercise that can help to work your muscles, strengthen your core, and relieve stress.

Couch workout
While unwinding and watching your favourite TV show, workout during ad breaks. Fit in crunches, push ups, lunges, and squats by utilising floor space, your couch, and throw pillows as gym equipment. You can even keep small hand weights underneath the couch for a quick way to tone up your arms. To squeeze in cardio exercise, try doing jumping jacks, jogging on the spot, or burpees.


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