Finding your fitness mantra

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What is the motivation behind your health and fitness goals?

When it comes to health and fitness, we all have different goals – whether we’re trying to lose weight or generally just be a healthier person. And sometimes, it can be hard to follow our goals – in fact, it is hard. But how do you find the fitness motivation to follow through with your goals? A fitness mantra is a great start.

What is a healthy or fitness mantra?

In the most general sense, a mantra is something that is built around your goals and values as a person. And a great way to ground this mantra is by naming it. For instance, if your health and fitness inspiration is to get healthy for your wedding, then perhaps you use the word “wedding” as your mantra. Every time you go for a run, or blend a smoothie, you can keep this in the back of your mind – “I’m doing this for my wedding day. I’m doing this for me.”

Your mantra can be anything you want it to be

When choosing a word or phrase for your health or fitness mantra, just ensure it covers the goal you want to achieve. This way, whenever you’re struggling – i.e. thinking of taking the lift instead of the stairs or engorging in an unhealthy meal – your mantra will take you back to your goal and give you the motivation you need. It will remind you of why you set your goal in the first place and help you keep in line with it.

Don’t call it a health or fitness mantra, call it your health or fitness mantra

Choose a mantra that only aligns with your goals but means something to you.
When choosing your mantra ask yourself these questions:

• What do you want to achieve?
• Why do you want to achieve this?
• How are you going to reach your goals?
• How will you motivate yourself?
• How will you make the process enjoyable?

5 mantras to help you feel inspired

If you don’t have a specific word that resonates with you or you can’t think of anything that will keep you on track, then there’s nothing wrong with choosing someone else’s!
Here’s a few health and fitness inspiration mantras that might fit with you, or perhaps inspire your own phrase!

1. “Take the first step.” Join the gym, change your eating habits, stay on track – whatever you do to increase your health and fitness there will be new “first steps” along the way to keep your health and fitness motivation on track.

2. Be bold. This mantra might help you with trying new things to help your health. Are you a big meat eater? Try some fish or tofu. Do you usually go for runs? Try yoga. Be bold in whatever you do, this mantra will help recognise your efforts.

3. Be accountable. One of Nike’s famous mantras is “yesterday you said tomorrow”. So in other words, if you said tomorrow and that is now today, don’t say tomorrow again – avoid putting things off.

4. Think positive. Whether you’re a first time runner, or just starting your new healthy journey – we understand it can be a struggle. But you should always remember that what you’re doing is helping your health. This is why “think positive” is such an inspiring mantra.

5. Remember to breathe. One of the huge benefits of exercise and healthy eating is an improved mental health. A lot of the time, this starts with being mindful and giving yourself space to breathe. Although it may feel hard right now, in the long run you’re going to feel so much better. So; remember to breathe.

Remember why you started

When it comes to health and fitness, it’s easy to forget why you’re bothering. It’s been a few weeks and your muscles ache, but you feel no different.

But remember that everything takes time – if you stick with your plan and use your health or fitness mantra to remind yourself of why you started then, with time, you’ll see results.

4 benefits of a health or fitness mantra

1. Feel inspired. Research and see what others do – everyones different so you want to create an exercise and dieting approach to suit you. Also, seeing others results will inspire you.

2. Stay motivated. Your mantra is your personal word or phrase, and only you know you best, so pick something that you know will help you with motivation.

3. Be empowered. Whether you write your own mantra or pick an inspiring one you read somewhere, you chose it for a reason – mantras are powerful messages to keep you on track.

4. See results. By following your mantra and using it as a reminder to “be accountable”, with time, you’ll see the results you aspire to.

Make your health or fitness mantra a daily motivator

Whatever inspires you, whatever motivates you, whatever makes you happy – use it. Don’t just write a mantra, use a mantra. Write it on a sticky note and put it on your mirror, set a reminder in your phone, create a poster, record an alarm, write in a daily journal. Whatever you choose to do, use your mantra as daily motivation to reach your health and fitness goals. Eat those vegetables, throw out that stash of energy drinks, dive in the pool or hit the pavement for a walk.

But remember; whatever you do, do it for you!

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