Maintaining your recent weight loss: Top tips for men

By author photo Jessica Humphries

for-men · 06 Aug 19

When it comes to men’s health, weight loss is really just the beginning of a lifelong journey. Maintaining your new weight when you finish your program provides a new set of challenges. In fact, research shows that only around 20% of overweight individuals who achieve weight loss are able to keep it off. The good news is that your chances of keeping the weight off improve over time – so if you can make it over the initial hurdles smooth sailing awaits. Here are some top, research backed, tips to maintaining your new weight – especially for men.


Stay active

Just twenty minutes (or more) a day of exercise is a good rule of thumb, with a number of studies suggesting that 30 minutes a day will help support your weight loss. Research also shows that finding movement that aligns with your personality is important in motivating you to move. If you’re an extrovert who wants to run around the backyard with your kids then join a sport’s team. An introvert who values time alone at the end of the day? Go for a jog! Find something that aligns with your interests, values and personality for a greater chance of success.


Portion Control

The right portions will help balance your energy intake and other nutrients needed for men’s health, but not necessarily in the way you think. While you need to be mindful of how much you’re consuming, be careful not to restrict yourself too much. Extreme food restriction will negatively impact your metabolism and potentially enhance your stress levels (both counterproductive for weight loss maintenance). Enjoy a healthy, nutritious diet and use the portion sizes you learnt from your program to guide you.


Don’t go too crazy on the weekends

Studies illustrate that maintaining steady eating habits will help you to maintain your new weight. Avoid the temptation to steer too far from your weekday eating habits on the weekend. Let go of the ‘cheat-day’ mentality and let your weekends inspire you to be active, healthy and mindful every day.


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