Men’s Mental Health: “Me Time” for Men

By author photo Karen Stafford

for-men · 26 Jul 19

The term “me time” may mean different things to different people. But what I’m referring to here is time spent for self-care or looking after yourself; giving yourself permission to relax, refresh and unwind.

“Me time” is a concept that has been adopted by many women and may bring up images of facials and day spas. However, “me time” or self-care is just as important for men. Especially as today’s man now takes a more hands on approach to home life.

Men’s emotional health is just as important!

Taking time for yourself to look after your mental, emotional and spiritual health can have many benefits for both yourself and those around you. It can help lower stress levels, increase your energy and help you to stay positive and productive.

But what does “me time” look like for men? Well this will be vary per person as the whole point of “me time” is to do something just for you! So thinking of men’s health, what makes you happy?


If you’re stuck for men’s health ideas, why not try some of these:


  • Switch off. We are all so very connected these days which can be wonderful; but it can also be stressful. Why not set aside some time in your day to turn off all of your devices and allow yourself to just be. You could read a book, go for a walk or just sit, relax and breathe.


  • Become a creator. Why not make something just for fun? It could be something big like a new bookshelf or something small like a new painting. Just like women, men’s mental health is improved when you do things you enjoy!


  • Catch up with an old friend. Life is so busy, and catching up with friends can take months of planning. But if you don’t plan then it’ll never happen! So get on the phone and call that friend you’ve been meaning to catch up with. They may be feeling just as you are!


  • Act like a kid. Why not grab a friend, family member or your kids (if you have them) and do something you loved as a kid! Putt putt golf, a ball game or a trip to the park.


  • Have a bath. Who said bubbles were just for the ladies? Men’s emotional health means relaxing too!


Looking for more self care tips? Read, ten ways to bring more self-care into your life.

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