Spring wellness: get healthy this season

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See your confidence blossom with our favourite spring health tips

Finally, winter has come to an end! And after those long, chilly months, we’re excited that the flowers are blooming and summer is on the way! With the change of season you’re probably feeling energized, more motivated and ready to get moving on your health and fitness goals.

We all get a little too relaxed in winter, eating comfort foods and skipping the gym to snuggle up in front of the TV.  But don’t worry, we’re here to help you transition with our top spring health tips!


Looking for the motivation to get moving? Try these tips:

Enjoy a stroll on the beach (or park)

A perfect way to get started with your spring wellness goals is to simply go for a stroll. You might choose to march around your local neighbourhood, venture to the forest, or our favourite: walk on the beach. You have the choice of a casual stroll, a fast-paced walk, or run – whichever is best for your level of fitness. Whatever pace you take, walking is always valuable to your health, body and mind. The zen nature of a stroll by the ocean is an effortless exercise that will help you tone your legs, provide some headspace and support your wellbeing.

Join a low-impact exercise class

Keeping the zen-theme, another spring wellness activity you might choose this season could be yoga or pilates. Low-impact exercises are perfect for those wishing to get fit and feel healthy, without the risk of injury. Yoga and pilates do wonders for body toning and flexibility! Alongside the physical benefits, classes help keep you accountable. Having a set time and place to be each week helps you keep in tune with a routine. Not to mention you’ll make fitness friends to help motivate you!

Re-introduce fresh, light meals to your diet

After a long winter of rich soups, pastas and baked potatoes, it’s time to freshen up your diet this season with some light spring wellness meals. Now that the weather is warming up, you can re-introduce salads, fresh vegetable dishes, and spring fruit – yum, strawberries are coming back into season!

Stick to water or organic drinks

The trouble with winter, is we’re cold and we crave treats more often. Now this isn’t to say we shouldn’t treat ourselves, but now that we’re in the spring season, it’s easier to replace those hot chocolates with something healthier. When it comes to drinks, our top spring health tip is to stick to sipping on water, why not try some sparkling water with spring fruits to add flavour.


Whatever you do, do it for you

There are a variety of things you can do to get back on track with your health and fitness goals this spring. From joining a yoga class, to trying new recipes – the opportunities are endless! Our spring health tips are a great way to get you started, and help you feel motivated this season. But remember to choose something you enjoy! The point is, your goals are your goals – so tailor them your way.

If you’re looking for advice and guidance on spring wellness, get in touch with a professional here at Jenny Craig. Our consultants will tailor a health plans to you. 

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