Jenny Craig’s Secret Ingredient: The Science of Weight Loss

By   Eucalyptus VC


Jenny Craig client consulting with a Jenny Craig weight loss coach

How to successfully achieve difficult goals in life require resolve and commitment often over long periods of time.

Weight loss and maintaining that weight loss is a challenging but meaningful goal for many people across the globe. The science behind weight loss shows finding support for your weight-loss efforts can mean the difference between success and failure 1.

Therefore, Aussies need high levels of mental fitness before, during and after a weight loss journey. To achieve mental fitness, we all need the right tools to feel strong, have endurance, be flexible.

Most importantly, we need to have a small but meaningful team to offer social support.


Who’s on your team?

Researchers have recently found the most significant factor linked to eight loss was a person’s level of social networking 2.

Building a positive energy network whilst losing weight is a secret ingredient towards success.

Asking the question ‘who’s on my team’ that’s available to share private worries and fears with, will provide caring and emotional support. Regular positive feedback cannot be underestimated.

This team can include friends, family, co-workers, peers and neighbours.

Jenny Craig’s approach is backed by the science of weight loss success. At Jenny Craig, clients enjoy a personalised consultation every week with a weight loss coach, many of whom have also been on their own weight loss journey. This is a powerful person on the team of the weight loss candidate and all too often the most critical missing link to achieving and maintaining weight loss success.


Using the power of social support: the first step

The science of weight loss tells us that support is a huge factor. But what is the first step to creating the social support the habit? Start your plan by writing a list of who’s on your team. Think about the relationships you have with those around you and what you can do to strengthen those relationships during your weight loss journey.

Remember you may need to take a bit of time to develop the ‘quality’ of the relationship rather than the ‘quantity’ of the relationship.

Put regular time with these important people in your diary in the same way as you would an important meeting or appointment, you will feel the difference right away. Don’t be afraid to tell them how they are a positive and meaningful part of your life.

Make sure your team members are aware of their role and that you have a plan for regular contact with them, particularly when the difficult times hit but also when you are doing really well. Savouring and celebrating your milestones of success with your team are just as important as asking for help when you feel overwhelmed.

Remember, every interaction with others at work, school or in life – big or small, short or lengthy – has the potential to create or deplete vital energy needed on your weight loss journey.

Jenny Craig’s program is backed by the science of weight loss, so make sure your Jenny Craig coach is at the top of your team list!


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