The Secret to why Jenny Craig Really Works – For The Long Term

By author photo Jenny Craig Team


The real secret to the Jenny Craig success is – it is not a diet, it is a lifestyle change, for the better. Just check out our amazing Success Stories as proof.

If you have been on or are currently on the Jenny Craig program you will know the secret to weight loss success is as simple as sticking to the plan. Although in the real world life tends to get in the way of that, with busy work schedules, family stresses as well as the host of temptations, making it hard to stick to a plan let alone make positive lifestyle changes.

The benefit of the Jenny Craig program is that we have made the plan as simple and easy as possible, including minimising the negative outside influences that often send your journey off track. With a dedicated Consultant and weekly personalised support you always have someone in your corner to motivate, inspire and most importantly keep you on track. Our Consultants will guide you through the hurdles and struggles of weight loss and make sure you are always striving for your goals and remaining on track even when temptation gets in the way.

At Jenny Craig we firmly believe that weight loss shouldn’t be about missing out and starving yourself. That’s why our nutritionally balanced and delicious weight loss meal plans assure this is not the case. On the program you will get to eat 6 times a day, with 65 ready made menu options to pick from that you simply need to heat and serve! We know that no one wants to just eat salad so our meals incorporate some of your favourites, just a lot healthier. Not only do the ready made meals make sticking to the plan convenient, you won’t have to worry about tracking calories or measuring portions, it is as easy as heating and eating.

We also know too well that the biggest challenge of weight loss isn’t just losing the weight, it’s keeping it off! We all know you can’t give up bread forever and that while our ready made meals are delicious you don’t want to be on it for life. That is why our program aims to not only help you reach your goal weight but also provide you with the tools to make the right lifestyle changes that will ensure long term weight management. With the help of a Consultant our clients are slowly taken off the full menu plan and provided with advice, tips and lessons to manage their own meals and learn how to make the right food choices on their own.

The Jenny Craig program offers a comprehensive plan to help you lose the weight and maintain it, in the most simple way. If you are ready to start your weight loss journey click here.

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