Why Choose Jenny Craig!

By   Eucalyptus VC


Weight loss is tough – you should never have to go it alone. At Jenny Craig it’s all about the support we give you and the healthy habits we teach you throughout your weight loss journey and beyond, so you not only reach your goal weight but maintain it!

Here is why our members choose Jenny Craig:


Through weekly coaching sessions, our Personal Coaches will guide you along your weight loss journey – helping you lose and manage your weight successfully. They help you track your progress, create a personalised menu with your favourite foods and celebrate every success with you along the way!

Delicious Meals

We believe living your healthiest, most vibrant life is all about balance. Because when you love what you eat, it’s easier to lose weight. That’s why we’re committed to providing our members with the best-tasting, highest-quality meals. Our menu is designed to help modify your behaviour and teach new habits. You learn portion control, experience what eating in moderation feels like and how to listen to your body’s fullness cues.


At Jenny Craig, we recognise the many health benefits you can achieve from being physically active every day. This is why we encourage and support our members to work with their Personal Coaches to build physical activity into their daily lives. Enjoying an active lifestyle is a key component of successful weight loss and management.


Your Coach works with you to come up with an activity program and menu plan that best suit your lifestyle, likes, dislikes and any other factors important to you. They’ll also help you choose between our range of different plans, based on your lifestyle and your goals.


Your mindset is key when making any types of change to your lifestyle and a healthy, balanced weight loss mindset is crucial to weight loss success. While we’re shifting weight on the outside, it’s just as important to be working on the inside. Our Coaches will help you develop a healthy mindset for a healthier you.


Don’t take our word for it… Meet the wonderful, real people, just like you, that have lost weight and kept it off with Jenny Craig.

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