How to look after your mental health during weight loss

By   Eucalyptus VC


Keep healthy in your body and mind, with our advice on mental wellbeing during your weight loss journey

Remember the saying ‘a healthy body is a healthy mind’? It came about because exercising has been proven to have many benefits that can impact your mental health! But while a healthy lifestyle can relieve tension and stress, trying to lose weight can have the opposite effect for some. That’s why it’s important to approach weight loss mindfully and with self-love as it doesn’t have to be this way. Just like anything, mental health and weight loss comes with its difficulties, but we’re here to help you stay strong – both physically, and mentally.


Embarking on a weight loss journey can be a proud moment!

We know how much commitment and dedication it takes to change lifestyle habits and lose weight. It’s an exciting, fulfilling journey, but sustaining the schedules and routines can take a mental toll on us all. No matter how big or small your weight loss goal is, you’ve set yourself an expectation. And with the strong desire and determination to achieve it – your mental wellbeing can all too easily start to strain if you’ve had a bad week or don’t reach your monthly weight loss goal.  We’re here to support your exciting weight loss journey and provide you with some useful tips on how to keep your expectations in check and your mental wellbeing nurtured!


Be realistic with weight loss to foster a positive, relaxed mind

Often the biggest mental challenge when losing weight is not seeing consistent results. It’s natural to expect that what you achieve one week will follow through to the next, but this isn’t always the case. When it comes to fostering a positive weight and mental health, it’s important to trust, and encourage yourself – remember, you’re doing this for you!


Every day is a new day

During your first week, you might conquer you activity goals, and follow your meal plan to the letter – you might even lose a kg or 2! However, you’re unlikely to sustain dramatic results every single week. The reality is that achieving long term results requires long term commitment – so stay positive and stick to your routine best you can!

Be open to the adventure ahead of you, understand that results aren’t going to be instant, and embrace each lesson you learn along the way! Also set yourself non-scale goals or benchmarks to celebrate your progress. For example, you may want to set a goal to have 2 pieces of fruit or to switch from soft drink to water. Then if the scales don’t move, you’ll know you’re still on the right path.

Focus on learning from each hurdle, you’ll get better at bouncing back and appreciating the adventures! This will help you keep a positive mindset, fostering a strong weight and mental health journey.


Tips to keep your mind healthy and positive


  1. Keep your standards in tune with your body

Every person’s body is different. What’s healthy for someone else, isn’t necessarily going to be the same for you. When embarking on your weight loss journey, it’s important to remind yourself of what standard is compatible for your body! While some people may enjoy running, you may prefer something a little less intense, such as yoga for instance.


  1. Unfollow unrealistic social media accounts

When we use social media it’s often all too easy to slip into negativity around your own progress. Instagram influencers with unrealistic shapes aren’t good standards to work towards – filters and editing aren’t a reflection of the real world! The simple solution is to unfollow any accounts that impact your own expectations, and follow pages that post encouraging weight and mental health content!


  1. Set boundaries

Don’t be afraid to tell other people that your weight loss journey isn’t their business. While family and friends might think they can offer advice, it might not always be helpful or encouraging. Set boundaries to help loved ones understand that it’s your voice that matters most.


  1. Stick to your routine

Weight loss should be a steady and positive journey. And while you might be getting fitter and more excited about exercise – be careful not to let your successful routine tip over into obsessive habits! It’s important to maintain balance in your life, instead of getting carried away with dedicating too much time to losing weight. Ensure to continue enjoying social outings and relaxation time – these are still important to your mental wellbeing!


Weight loss is important, but your wellbeing is a priority

Your weight loss journey won’t always be easy, but don’t forget to remind yourself why you started! A healthier body will do wonders for your entire lifestyle. Above anything else, it’s important to be kind to yourself during your journey – ensure to give yourself positive encouragement, but remember your wellbeing is the top priority.


Ready for a positive mental health and weight loss journey? Talk to a Jenny Craig expert today!

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