Mel B Tips To Success – Easy Ways To Get Moving And Increasing Your Fitness

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hints-and-tips · 23 Oct 18

We all know being active is a great way to increase weight loss, but if the idea of sweating it out in the gym has you in a fits of terror, don’t fear Mel B has some great tips to get active with ease.

Activate TV – While watching TV use hand weights or move your exercise bike or treadmill to where you can see the TV.
Activate Ad-breaks – Even if it is just one night per week. While watching television, every time there is an ad-break stand up and do something to increase your heart rate (march on the spot, sit ups, push ups, use small weights, use an exercise bike or treadmill, go up and down the stairs). Check out our Olympic Ad-Break exercises for some great ad-break inspiration.
Slow and steady wins the race – Slowly build up you comfort level and activity over time. If you have been walking for some time slowly start to jog. Walk for 2-5 minutes then jog for 30 seconds or a minute. Walk again for 2-5 minutes then jog for 30 seconds or a minute, continue until you get back home.
Involve the whole family – Take the kids to the park for a game of football and a run around or simply take the family on an evening stroll before dinner. It is a great way to stay connected with your family and increase your activity.
Make active plans with friends – Instead of going out for lunch or dinner plan some ‘girl time’ activities where you can catch up and get active. Group exercise classes and walking are great ways to do this.

For more active tips and advice click here or to start your Jenny Craig journey get started here.

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