New wardrobe? Yes please!

By   Eucalyptus VC


Whether you’re still on your weight loss journey or have achieved your weight loss goal. Your success on the scales comes with a new challenge: your wardrobe!

Changing a few key items in your wardrobe along the way can help you feel good about yourself and contribute to a positive mindset, that will ultimately help you continue on your journey.

When you start making real progress towards your weight loss goal, it’s exciting to be able to shop for new clothes. This can be an expensive exercise, that’s why we’ll be giving Jenny Craig members the chance to win one of five new wardrobes worth $1,000*. Simply purchase one Weekly Weight Loss Meal Plan and complete the entry form to be eligible.

So go on… Get started and celebrate your weight loss success with a new wardrobe!

*T&Cs apply. Competition opens Sunday the 9th of May.

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