A dietitian’s top tips for staying healthy when working from home

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7 ways to sustain your healthy diet while working from home

Is it just me or does healthy eating feel a little bit harder when you’re working from home?

Don’t get me wrong, the flexibility and the extra time to prepare a healthy meal is great, but do you often find yourself absent-mindedly snacking or peeking inside the fridge?

When we’re in the office, it might feel a little easier to follow a healthy diet as there are clear and structured breaks for eating. As many of us find ourselves working from home, however, the day can feel less structured, and easy access to the kitchen means easy access to a wider variety of foods.

If you feel like your eating is off track while you’re working from home, here are my top healthy eating tips:

1. Create a designated workspace that isn’t in the kitchen

Separating where you work and eat is important as it means you’re less likely to go to the fridge or pantry when you’re bored. It is also important for your mental health to keep your work and living spaces separate.

2. Have healthy snack options ready to go

Keeping healthy snacks like pre-chopped fruit and veggie sticks in the fridge means they’re easier to access, and you’re more likely to reach for them over an unhealthy option. Take the time to prepare them while you’re waiting for your coffee to brew, and you’ll thank yourself later.

3. Schedule in your mealtimes and plan out healthy snacks for the day

Creating a meal schedule can help to reduce absent minded snacking throughout the day. This trick is also good if you tend to skip meals as it can act as a reminder to eat even when you’re busy. It’s important to avoid skipping meals as this can leave you feeling ravenous at the end of the day and more likely to make unhealthier food choices or to overeat.

4. Stay on top of your meal prep

Even though you’re working from home and have greater flexibility to prepare your food, it’s always best to be prepared. Keep it simple by prepping extra veggie and salad serves at dinnertime, so your lunch can quickly be thrown together. Having your meals prepped will mean you’re less likely to stray off your healthy eating plan and it’ll make your life a lot easier.

5. Limit the amount of treats you keep in the house

Having a lot of treats in the house will only make you more tempted to eat them, so try to avoid purchasing them if you want to stick to your healthy eating plan. If you’re shopping for others, try to buy pre-portioned treats so that if a craving does arise, you can enjoy a small amount without overdoing it

6. Stay hydrated and make water your drink of choice

Healthy eating doesn’t just mean foods! To stay hydrated, you need a healthy drink choice too. Keep a water bottle at your work desk and remember to sip on it throughout the day. You can also try herbal teas if you’re looking for some extra flavour.

7. Make time for physical activity

While this isn’t a healthy eating tip, it’s still important to include some form of movement into your day. Getting out and stretching your legs at lunch will help you feel refreshed so you’ll feel better and will have a more productive afternoon.

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