Where will your Jenny Craig Journey take you? – Win a $10,000 Holiday

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Where will your Jenny Craig weight loss journey take you?


Smash your weight loss goals this spring and be in the running to win a holiday!

To help you embark on your weight loss journey and stay motivated this spring, we’re giving you the chance to win your ultimate holiday on us!

This competition will encourage you to go the extra mile, eat healthier and keep you on track to achieving your health and fitness goals.

But remember – even if you don’t win, the results will still be worth it! Come summer, your new confidence will be reason enough to have entered.


Competition details

What: Be on the Jenny Craig program for a minimum of 10 consecutive weeks

Who: Jenny Craig members (AU & NZ)

When: Between 1st Sep to 31st Dec 2019

Enter now to ensure you have time to complete your 10 weeks before the year is up!


Our top tips to keep you on track this Spring

Reignite your health routine over the next 10 weeks

Whether you’re a Kiwi planning a local trip or an Aussie adventuring overseas, our top tips this spring will help you achieve your weight loss and fitness goals and get you summer ready.

Planning a holiday? Dreaming of summer? Hoping to win our comp? Let’s see how our consultants can help you stay on track.


Set a routine with your Consultant and stick to it

Wondering why Jenny Craig? Well, that’s easy. Our Consultants will support and encourage you throughout your entire weight loss journey.

Working closely with you, your Consultant will set you up with a personalised menu and weight loss fitness plan. From routine walks on the beach and filling breakfasts,  gym workouts and even vegetarian meals if you need. The point is that your routine is personalised to you. 

Your Jenny Craig Consultant offers dedicated support and will help you  you stick to the routine!

Every time you put on your sneakers or sustain your diet plan, remind yourself of why you’re doing it. Are you getting fit to improve your health and get ready for your summer holiday? Be your own cheerleader!


Consider this 10 week period as a starting point

We want to celebrate your success – that’s why we have a getaway up for grabs for our motivated members.

Along with the ongoing support of your Consultant, our holiday giveaway will help you stay motivated, stick to your 10 week weight loss plan and get on track to reaching your health goals!

If you can achieve 10 weeks of healthy eating on the Jenny Craig program and regular exercise, you can achieve anything! Turn your 10 week routine into a lifestyle and only look back to see how far you have come.


Feeling inspired? Get started on your weight loss journey today.
start your journey now

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