New Summer Menu 2023

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New year, new goals, new menu! We are excited to introduce five new delicious meals to our Summer Menu.


Mexican-style Pulled Pork

Lunchtime just got even better with the Mexican-style Pulled Pork! Slow cooked pork in a mild chipotle sauce, with colourful brown rice and black beans, this meal can be enjoyed either chilled or warm.

For a filling lunch, stir through diced tomatoes, red onion, cucumber and fresh coriander, or serve alongside our Spicy Coleslaw, combining shredded cabbage, grated carrot and celery, with a refreshing low fat Greek yoghurt dressing.




Chicken Burger

Hands up if you love burgers! Our crumbed chicken patty with ranch sauce is served on a sesame seed-topped golden bun. You can’t have a burger without chips, right?

Our Veggie Chips are the perfect accompaniment to your Chicken Burger. If you prefer a fresh salad, we suggest filling your burger with shredded cabbage and carrot with some fat-free mayonnaise.




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Chicken Katsu Curry

Let our aromatic Chicken Katsu Curry whisk you away to Japan. A Japanese-style curry sauce with crumbed chicken, served with carrots, edamame beans and brown rice with a hint of seaweed.

Accompany with a side of Stir-Fried Broccolini and Bok choy or a fresh radish, carrot and cucumber salad with pickled ginger.





Pumpkin & Kale Risotto

Trust us, this is one tasty risotto! A cheesy parmesan brown rice risotto with pumpkin and kale and a hint of sage.

To elevate your risotto, top with extra parmesan cheese (use from your dairy serves), and serve with some delicious Pan-Fried Mushrooms and Asparagus for a filling dinner option.





Thai Fish Cakes

Authentic Thai-style fish cakes served with a blend of spinach and cauliflower rice, with a hint of coconut.

We like serving this meal with a side of steamed green beans and a drizzle of sweet chilli sauce, or a fresh salad combining capsicum, cucumber, basil and chilli with a squeeze of lime juice, you can find the recipe on our blog.




So, what are you waiting for? Call Jenny Craig to speak with one of our Coaches, or click here to try our new Summer Menu!


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