Frozen Yoghurt Bark

By author photo Jenny Craig Team

vegetarian · 29 Aug 19

Serves 1



200g plain low-fat Greek yoghurt
¼ tsp vanilla essence
Natural sweetener to taste
½ cup mixed berries
Fun topping ideas: Jenny Craig White Chocolate Cranberry Cookie, Jenny Craig Choc Chip Bites, Jenny Craig Choc Fudge Bikkie (we used this one!)


Combine the yoghurt, vanilla essence and natural sweetener in a bowl.
Line a baking tray with baking paper and pour the yoghurt mixture onto the baking paper.
Spread the yoghurt mixture out evenly and sprinkle mixed berries (and any other toppings) on top.
Place in freezer for 1.5 hours or until set.
Remove from freezer and break into bite sized pieces.


Serve with: Jenny Craig Choc Fudge Bikkie
Grocery Count (per serve): 1 Dairy serve, ½ Fruit serve

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