Meet Maria Now

17 Feb 17
Weight Loss: 
7 Months

I went through a very bad divorce in 2008 and put on 30 kgs in the space of a year. I was unhappy with how I looked, but kept saying to myself "people need to accept me as I am - fat". But I didn't really accept myself. I didn't exercise, I didn't watch what I ate (although I don't like chocolate, chips or many fast foods, my portions sizes were too big, and I had pasta for dinner 3-4 nights of the week) and I was drinking between 5 and 6 bottles of wine a week (yes, a week!).

I lived alone, as my grown son worked away. I didn't really want to date anyone, as I was also studying for my Masters degree, so time was tight with working full time and studying. I also travelled a lot for work and study. So I didn't feel motivated to do anything about my weight.

I met a lovely man in August 2015 and while he liked me for who I was, I felt I needed to feel better about myself. I saw a TV ad for Jenny Craig in September 2015 and said to myself "I could do that". I signed up the very next day.

My consultant, Louisa, has been an absolute treasure. I have never, ever felt like a failure, even when I gained weight. She has been my one woman cheer squad and I will be forever grateful to her for helping me on my journey.

I was initially unsure I would like the food, however I found various meals that I liked and that, along with the guidebooks, helped me to understand what I needed to be eating - that is more colour, less protein and carbs and smaller portion sizes. I have no idea why it has taken more than 40 years for me to learn how to eat properly.

My life has completely changed. I gained enormous confidence in myself because I looked and felt better. I gave up drinking on the program and haven't really taken it up again. I am now more conscious of what I eat and making sure my plate has lots of colour and using smaller plates to manage my portion size. I walk 42 kilometres each week and try to get to the gym at least once a week- my partner bought me a FitBit earlier this year, and it has helped keep me motivated to move. I am on the maintenance program now, and have gained some weight, but I know the Jenny Craig program is there to support me. This journey is for the rest of my life.

In May 2016 I was promoted to a senior executive position. I recently got engaged. I inspired both my sisters to lose weight, with one also taking up the Jenny Craig program, They have lost 12kg and 17kg respectively.

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