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How did you get started with Jenny Craig?

After studying NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) and becoming a NLP Master Coach, I wanted to apply what I had learnt in mindset and personal development to weight loss. Who better to work with than the company that helped me successfully lose weight 17 years ago after having my second child.


How long have you been a consultant?

2.5 years


What drives you to work for Jenny Craig?

I believe in the company and I believe in the process and when you work for something that you believe in; it becomes a positive alignment that then translates into a positive experience. My dream is to one day reach out and teach all Jenny Craig consultants and centre leaders how to use NLP and personal development tools that I’ve learnt to utilise in their own centers.


What are you most passionate about in your role?

I’m passionate about helping people move past their limiting beliefs and self-doubt and guide them towards their future goals. My passion also lies in uncovering limiting stories that hold people back, holding space for transformation, celebrating the wins, even the smallest ones and promoting self-care and self-acceptance. The one on one support Jenny Craig provides is vital as each person’s weight loss journey is about so much more than just weight, having someone to be there for them really helps.

That’s what makes Jenny Craig different.


What is the most heart-warming thing you’ve seen as a Jenny Craig Consultant?

The one that comes to mind, would have to be when my client, a mother of 5 came to see me mid last year to regain her self-worth. Her weight had rocketed up to 132 kg, She felt disgusted in herself and was facing serious health issues. The thing that stood out was when she mentioned that she hasn’t been in any photographs since her youngest was born 8 years before. She refused to participate in any family portraits or attend family gatherings due to the risk of someone taking pictures of her on the day without her consent or awareness. Her youngest has begged her for a photo

with him but there would be no way. Until, after losing 20 kg with me she now has a beautiful heartfelt photo with her little boy that he treasures and now hangs in their house. This lady’s new confidence and self-esteem has given her a new lease on life. Priceless moments!


How do you celebrate your client’s wins?

Everything from happy dances, high fives, and hugs to reassurance, encouragement and support.


What would you say is the most rewarding part of your job?

Definitely the journey, seeing how much clients change and transform, not just physically. Into the person they really want to be.


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