Cara’s consultant helped her stay motivated throughout COVID

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Centre: Carina

Weight Loss: 20kg

Why did you decide to join Jenny Craig?

I just felt overweight and unmotivated, I knew I needed to do something about my weight, but as a Mum to three kids and busy husband, I put everyone else first. My husband knew I wanted to do something about my weight, but probably would not do it myself. So, for my 46th birthday, he went to our local Jenny Craig centre and signed me up It was one of the best things he has ever done!!!

Can you describe your experience on the Jenny Craig program?

It has been a remarkably interesting experience with COVID this year. I literally had my first appointment in centre with my consultant, and then COVID kicked in, so I then had all my consultations via phone. It was not an issue doing over the phone, as once I started, I was motivated to see the scales start to go down – I also started to have more energy. All this combined gave me the drive to stick to the plan and get out and do some exercise. My husband even bought me a new bike, as he knew I was enjoying the riding and he wanted me to have a great new bike to be out on.

Do you have any favorite items from the Jenny Craig menu?

My favourites have to be the Fish and Wedges, Butter Chicken, Satay Chicken, Chocolate Pudding, Coco Clusters and the Hazelnut cereal. I have even learnt to like Greek Yoghurt!!

Tell us about your Jenny Craig Consultant?

Alish has been amazing! She is so supportive and motivational – even though when I started, I only saw her once before COVID I have looked forward to our weekly catch up. She has also guided me for our camping trips when I might not have been able to have a Jenny Craig Meal, and we have come up with some great options.

How do you feel now that you’ve lost the weight?

I am feeling amazing, I have so much energy, I even get the exercise blues if I don’t get out for my run, yes – I have started to run! I also enjoy a bike ride. To put on my old clothes and have them fall off is an amazing feeling. To go into my wardrobe and pull out clothes from 8 years ago, and put them on and they fit, is just the best! I am just so happy with the way my husband looks at me now!

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