Jelena Dokic lost 31kg^ on Jenny Craig

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success-stories · 26 Dec 19

Our Ambassador, Jelena Dokic, has aced her weight loss losing a staggering 31kg on the Jenny Craig program. Here Jelena shares more about her journey to success.

Can you tell us about your journey with Jenny Craig, Jelena?
“My motivation has been very personal. I wanted to get in shape and be healthy and be happy because I was really unhappy and overweight for a very long time. My Personal Consultant, Belinda has really helped me get there. It’s a lot more than just being on track with your food, but it’s been about that support and it’s been the constant conversations that we’ve had every week. Jenny Craig has taught me to enjoy my food again and adopt a healthy relationship with it. I hope that I can inspire, empower and motivate other women to start their own journeys.”

What advice would you give to others who are wanting to start their journey?
“Celebrate small successes along the way and keep your end goal in mind and it’s not just about the number on the scales, it’s about getting healthy and feeling good about yourself – that is the true measure of a successful journey.”

Hear more about Jelena’s story via the video below.

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