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Meet Anisha Now

By author photo Jenny Craig Team


Centre: Mildura, VIC
Weight Loss: 20.5kg
Time: 22 Weeks

I had my second baby in April 2015 and by September I had a photo for my birthday and I was horrified. The focus was on my 2 little children not myself. I felt exhausted and grumpy all the time and had nothing nice to wear any more. After the photo was taken I was shocked at what I had become.

I had previously attended Jenny Craig (did not complete maintenance) and knew it worked for me. Last time was for a quick fix for my wedding but this time around it was for myself and the long term.

I am now in such a positive mind frame, everything changed in my life. I am a happier person, mother and my activity/energy has increase dramatically. I’m now focused on maintaining my weight. Everything I have learnt, I am now passing on to my clients, as I am now a Jenny Craig Consultant at Mildura, where I lost my weight.

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