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Centre: Hobart, TAS
Weight Loss: 37kg
Time: 25 weeks

In Bec’s words…

This is my journey of becoming a healthy fitter version of myself.

My name is Bec. I’m 36 years old and late last year I had my second baby. My goal was to lose the weight I had put on during my pregnancy by his first birthday. I am happy to say that not only did I achieve my goal but I lost a few extra kilos as well. This is how I got there.

I’m an everyday mum that had a tough pregnancy. By five weeks my morning sickness had kicked in. The nausea was constant and by 8 weeks it was so severe that I was in hospital on a drip. This happened several times throughout my pregnancy. You may think because I was sick I couldn’t eat anything, but that was the opposite for me, as I had cravings for frozen coke from McDonald’s on a daily basis because it made my nausea ease for a couple of hours a day. Put that together with a lot of cake and peanut butter toast and you get a pregnant lady that’s put on over 30 kilos in 9 months.

Once my son was 6 months I knew I had to start trying to shift the weight I had put on, I was so uncomfortable that even putting on my shoes was an effort. I felt embarrassed and people I hadn’t seen in a while didn’t recognise me. I decided to eat healthy options and walk everyday and to my surprise, what had worked in previous years just wasn’t shifting the weight this time. I did this for 8 weeks and only lost 3 kilos and that was when I realised I needed extra help and joined Jenny Craig, Hobart.

From day one I was dedicated, and I walked everyday for an hour pushing my son in his pram up and down the hills around Hobart. The food from Jenny Craig was great and I loved having the food there ready for me to eat and the menu plan printed out weekly for me, it was so user-friendly. The weekly weigh-in and meetings with my supportive leader was more than enough to motivate me to keep focussed and lose more the next week. With hard work and dedication the weight kept dropping off week to week.

I am so thrilled I joined Jenny Craig and have now got the results I wanted. I would highly recommend the program for anyone wanting to change their eating habits, lose weight and gain back their energy and confidence.

Thank-you Hobart team, especially Chloe my leader for her support and encouragement throughout my journey.

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