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our-members · 26 Sep 18

Centre: Hobart, TAS
Weight Loss: 35kg
Time: 9 Months

I had done the Jenny Craig program previously, I lost 24kg when my first son was 2. I felt amazing, strong and fit, like I could take on the world. My goal was to lose weight so we could extend our family. Fast forward 2 years and along came my daughter, at 6 months old I fell pregnant with my third child, another boy. Being a self sacrificer and emotional eater I gained more and more weight throughout both pregnancies with no time in between to lose the baby weight. I lost my confidence, the feeling I once had felt so out of sight.

I joked with my husband that he better have Jenny Craig food stocked in the freezer for me when I left the hospital. When my baby was just 6 weeks old I made an appointment at Jenny Craig, I was so over feeling like ‘just a mum’ and my size 18 wardrobe just didn’t feel right, I wanted ‘me’ back. At the time I struggled to put myself first. At my return appointment I weighed in at 107kg, I will never forget how low and humiliated I felt at that point, I cried the whole way home, overwhelmed with the journey ahead. I decided just one week, just conquer one week. There was no other option, Jenny Craig worked, I knew this so it was important to one way or another make it work.

Weight loss wasn’t instant this time, with all the hormones it took a few weeks to start seeing results on the scales. So I know first hand the feeling of disbelief, to feel utterly defeated. I refused to give up and with the constant support from my Consultant and the team at Jenny Craig Hobart I started seeing the weight drop. Jenny became my ‘comfort zone’. It was the highlight of my week for the next 9 months. I made it to my first goal of 30kg and then reassessed my goal. I hit a loss of 35kg at 9 months when the position of Centre Leader became available. I was finally ‘me’ again, I had that feeling of “I can do anything” so I applied for the position. I am now certainly more than ‘just a mum’. I am a careers woman, sharing my passion and belief with all our clients and our community. Nothing makes me more proud than to be walking advertisement for our centre. I am now towards the end of my journey but still as determined as ever to hit the 60’s!

Accountability and one on one support is more important to making changes than I ever first realised. At the beginning of my journey I was at my lowest point I was so angry at myself and above all I was scared to fail but there was one person who believed in me before I started believing in myself, one person who had a passion that hadn’t yet been instilled in me, one person who could see beyond the reflection in the mirror and she was my Consultant.

Now I feel amazing, confident and passionate. My husband can pick me up now, I can run with my children, I am a size 10 in clothes and I feel healthy.

There are no secrets, Jenny Craig works. I believe in every single client who walks through our door and I will never get sick of seeing that overwhelming, defeated look in their eyes from their first appointment being replaced with a confident unstoppable independent person within such a short time.

I feel like I am right where I need to be. I have had a complete change in both appearance and career and I want everyone to know “if I can do it, than you can too!”

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