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Centre: Rockingham, WA
Weight Loss: 79kg
Time: 28 months

My weight loss story begins in January 2012 when I was at my highest weight of 150 kg, I was at this time in my life miserable and I was using food and alcohol as a source of comfort to make me feel happier. I had troubles with my knees and struggled to walk to the letterbox, had no enthusiasm for exercise, I just wanted to chill with a bag of chips or a block of chocolate and perhaps a bottle of wine. I hated having my photo taken at family functions, dreaded looking at myself in the mirror, loathed shopping for clothes as it was too hard to find suitable sizes (at my heaviest I was wearing size 26), the choice of stores was very minimal. Then my life changed and the trigger to begin my journey was all so simple!

On 2nd January 2012 I received an email from a past work colleague who I had worked with twenty years earlier. I had always thought to myself at the time “he was the man I wanted to marry” but I never thought he was interested in me, we always got on so well together and I felt so comfortable around him. But in the 7 years I worked alongside Pete, sadly nothing happened between us, we were just work colleagues who had secretly fancied each other but never quite managed to get around to expressing these thoughts out openly to one another. Anyway, life had moved on until Pete decided to bite the bullet and send me ‘that email’ which then made me make an instant decision, enough is enough, time to get my act together, I need to lose this weight, I wanted to meet Pete again and see if I could be happy again and turn my life around. I wanted to marry this man and have my dreams realised with wedding photos to match.

By February 2012 I decided to join Jenny Craig, I had by then lost 5kg and wanted to lose as much as I could, as quickly as I could. I won’t lie, it was a hard slog to change my habits and way of thinking, so it took a little longer than I had hoped, but week by week I progressed and saw the results of my determination. I was going to do this! I actually downloaded a little saying from the internet and stuck it on my wall for me to look at each day, it said “never give up, no matter how much ‘you gotta be friggin kidding me’ life throws at you.”

Finally, in May 2014, I did it, I achieved my goal weight! After 2 years and 4 months, I had lost half of my body weight. I hadn’t been this weight in over twenty years. I feel fantastic, I look sensational, I love the new me! I love to go shopping now. I’m buying dresses again, something I haven’t done for so long. I can actually browse the racks of brand named fashion stores. My husband, Pete, takes much delight in taking my photo with each new purchase that accentuates my new figure. I have no more knee problems. I’ve climbed WA’s tallest mountain, Bluff Knoll, it was a six kilometre trek, three years earlier I struggled to walk period!

The food from Jenny Craig was easy, eating six small meals a day and so many choices and delicious meals. It made losing my unwanted kilos so much easier than doing it all by myself. My Husband supported me by eating the food too, even though he didn’t need to lose weight, he enjoyed the meals and had his own particular favourites. He’s been 100% behind me all the way. If I couldn’t eat something, he made sure he would do the same. Not many Husbands would do that for their Wives!

Now that I’ve achieved this goal, I’m never going back, I love people telling me how good I look, I’m now happily married to the man of my dreams, happy about my new figure, happy to wear medium sized clothes, life in general is great and am looking forward to what life brings me next – bring it on!

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