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our-members · 02 Oct 18

Weight Loss: 21kg
Time: 6 months

In Jess’ words…

I was frocked up and at the races. As I walked past a group of men, one male joked to another… “she has a face like a model… too bad she has legs like a front rower”. These words have stuck in my mind ever since that day.

Growing up I was always overweight. I was the ugly duckling that never fitted in. With the help of Jenny Craig and my beautiful Jenny Craig consultant, I have evolved into a beautiful swan… something that I never imagined possible! Shop after shop, I would try to squeeze my size 24 figure into a size 18 dress, in denial and hoping that it would do up. It never did.

My father had embarked on his own Jenny Craig journey (losing 18kg) and little did I know, he would soon become my inspiration to join Jenny Craig. He urged me to just give it a try for one week. I decided to pick up the phone and take the step, to speak to a Jenny Craig consultant and to enquire about the program they offered. The moment I was with my Jenny Craig consultant and stepped on those scales after completing my first week on the program and saw a significant loss, something instantly clicked for me… I had my “a-ha” moment. I thought back to the day at the races. I decided I didn’t just want a pretty face but I wanted the figure to go with it. The scales were proof that Jenny Craig would enable me to achieve that goal.

The results have been life changing and the rewards are priceless. To be able to walk into a shop, zip up a size 12 dress and inspire others through telling my story. I would not swap my Jenny Craig experience for anything. My only regret is that I never started sooner.

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