Lee is absolutely living life!

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Centre: Prahran, VIC
Weight loss: 30kg

Tell us about what life was like before Jenny Craig?

Looking back at photos I can see that I really did live quite an excessive lifestyle. I had a wonderful life, eating and drinking whatever I wanted and I think at a certain point when you turn 40 you have to start thinking about the future and either I continue on the path that I was going on, which was getting bigger and bigger, or I need to make a positive change for my next half-stage of life.

What was that moment for you when you decided to do something?

I had been living abroad in Germany for seven and half years. I moved home, spent a nice year and a half readjusting back to Melbourne and back to Australia, I was having a great time eating and drinking and being merry. I just kept buying bigger clothing and I realised that I can continue to buy bigger clothing or I can make a different choice and start to buy smaller clothing again. Come the 2nd of January I thought ‘right today is the day’ and I woke up and just went straight down to the centre. It was an instant decision. Met a wonderful consultant named Belinda and the rest is history.

Why did you choose Jenny Craig?
It’s been so successful for so many people, so I was convinced this was the way to go for me. I like a program, I like having something mapped out for me that I can actually follow from beginning to end. It’s something that I knew you can’t just do for a week, or two weeks or three weeks, you actually have to stick at it for a long period of time. 30 kilos later and I can show that it has been extremely successful.

How much weight have you lost and over what period of time?

I’ve lost 30 kilos in about a year and a half. I was not in a rush, that’s what is that most important thing for me.
I didn’t set out to lose 30 kilos straight away, I set out to lose 10 and then I gave myself a reward, I set out then to lose another 5, another 5 and all of sudden it’s up to 30. I think if you set yourself a massive goal on the outset it’s very hard to achieve. A 10-kilogram goal is reasonable in a reasonable amount of time, you can celebrate that success, re-evaluate your body, re-evaluate your position
and decide whether or not you want to lose more.

I feel really comfortable as I am now. What matters is being happy in your body and comfortable.

How do you feel now after losing 30 kilos?

I’m really proud of what I look like now. I’ve made some positive changes. I love looking at myself in the mirror at the moment, because I can see such a dramatic change. I go back to my ‘before’ photos and I go ‘ wow’ it really does look like a much older and much larger person and it’s fantastic that now I can go into shops I haven’t had a waist that size since I was about 17, so now at 41 I’m pretty excited.

Also, instead of just having a gym membership I actually used it, I’ve taken up as many things as I can to possibly move as much as possible. I walk as often as I can, I give myself many opportunities to walk rather than drive. I am absolutely living life.

Why is the support so important?

Support is important because it keeps you on track. It’s like having a little fairy godmother on your shoulder throughout the process and you may go off track for a moment and you think ‘oh, Belinda wouldn’t like me to do that’ so I just need to make sure I continue to eat six times a day, the right portions, there is no such thing as bad food and Belinda has taught me that through the program.

What would you say to other people trying to lose weight?

If you want to lose weight, there is no time like the present, it absolutely works. I am a testament to the success, just do it! I recommend Jenny Craig to everybody. Why wouldn’t I? I look great. I have shared my success with as many people as possible and people say ‘how have you done it?’ and I’ve said, Jenny Craig, and they go ‘really?!”. It’s a testament to so many people that have had success with Jenny Craig. Like with any program you have to follow it through. If you follow the program and listen to your consultant, you will absolutely succeed.

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