Rosalind’s experience with Jenny Craig has been life changing

By author photo Jenny Craig Team


Centre: Carina, Queensland

Weight Loss: 19kg

Tell us a bit about you and what life was like before you joined Jenny Craig?

I am a coordinator at a private hospital so am on the run every day. Part of my job entails attending codes and unfortunately some patients can fall and are not able to get up. I found assisting with this very difficult and uncomfortable because of my excessive weight. My clothes and uniform size just kept getting bigger. I was not very happy in myself as a person. One day I came home from work and looked at myself in the mirror and thought “what have I allowed myself to become”. It was then I decided to do something about it.

Why did you decide to join Jenny Craig?

I was watching TV and saw the Jenny Craig advert. I thought, these folks are going to help me get back on track. So, I made the call which has changed my life.

Can you describe your experience on the Jenny Craig program?

My experience with Jenny Craig has been life changing. Yes, there were a couple of weeks here and there where I had weak moments, but the next week I just got back on track. Then I started needing smaller size uniforms and personal clothing, what a great feeling that was. Then people started saying “Gee Roz, you are really looking good!”. I had not heard those words said to me in a very long time, so I felt like a million dollars. And the good thing about it was that I was enjoying the journey with Jenny Craig.

Do you have any favourite items from the Jenny Craig menu?

Yes, I love the Veg Tikka Masala, Spinach and Ricotta Cannelloni, Chicken Parmigiana, Roasted Veg All Round, Beef Pastie, Pumpkin and Fetta Rice Salad, Ham and Egg Muffin and I enjoy most of the snacks.

Tell us more about your Jenny Craig Consultant:

Liset has been wonderful and so supportive. She has become someone who I can talk to about how I am feeling and continues each and every week to help me feelthat next week I am going to do better. I could not wish for a better consultant.

How do you feel now that you’ve lost the weight?

I feel like anew person -amazing! My life has changed in so many ways for the better. My husband is so proud of me. All thanks to Jenny Craig and Liset.

Do you have a standout moment on the Jenny Craig program you’d like to share?

When I got on the scales and had gone past my goal weight I just cried with tears of joy.

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