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Centre: Cataldo
Weight Loss: 24kgs
Time: 8 months

On a trip of a life time to the US, I had a photo taken of me showing how overweight I was, this was very much the first part in my turning point. This photo made me re-think where I was in my life, I used to just say, it must be my genetic make up and I am who I am. I used to be a size 8, but after 2 children and putting my family first (and myself last) I had to make the decision to change my life and be kind to myself for the first time in a long time, a big change for me.

I saw an ad on TV for Jenny Craig and with further research on the best weight loss program; Jenny Craig came out on top. So I spoke to my husband as I wanted his complete support, as this was a huge decision and life style change for me to under take. With his blessing and support I made the ever important call and spoke with the wonderful Norin at Blacktown Jenny Craig. I made my first appointment to go in and have a chat. My biggest fear was getting on the scales, and I was right, I weighed 89+Kgs, only standing at 152cms tall. So I was very obese. Norin was more than understanding and took me step by step through the Jenny program and costs.

The whole program is so easy to follow and the support of Norin and all the wonderful ladies at Blacktown made it so easy to stay on track. With the great results and support I had along the way I never lost focus. Even when faced with meals that were not on my Jenny menu, I learnt to make the right choice. I was able to say no to many foods I would have previously not given a second thought, and by all means eat.

The meals with Jenny still allowed me to be naughty as I call it, like sausage rolls, meat pies, pizza, pasta, pancakes, chocolate moose and ice cream. It’s so hard to believe.

Now when eating out, the tools I learned along my Jenny journey has taught me how to make the right choices and this has been easier than I could have ever imagined.

I’m now at my goal weight and feel fantastic, shopping for size 10’s and even 8’s as opposed to size 18 is just so great. My self esteem has improved so much and I no longer want to hide away.

So if anyone feels the way I did before I spoke with Norin, the choice is easy, it’s only 1 call and you can change your whole life. My choice to change has now extended to my family and they are also being rewarded with the benefits of healthy choices. My daughter has joined a gym with me and changed her eating habits, she has lost weight as a result.

Once you are in the right mind set and have the wonderful support of Jenny anything is possible.

It’s as easy as picking up the phone and being brave enough to admit you need a hand and to step back and remember you need to love yourself, and put yourself first for once.

If I’m ever asked how I’ve lost my weight and I’m so happy to tell them that Jenny helped me. Thanks you so much Jenny and most of all my very special life coach Norin you have changed my life forever and for the better.

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