Shaun has lost 20kg so far with the help of his consultant

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Centre: Prahran, VIC

Weight loss: 20kg

Tell us a bit about you and what life was like before you joined Jenny Craig.

I had always been sporting mad growing up and therefore never had any issues with my weight. When I became less active, I channeled all my energies into my work and have battled maintaining my weight. I would gain weight, lose it and then work would take priority and I would start making bad eating decisions again. Then the excuses and justification for these choices started. When I gain weight, I become fatigued easily, become more self-conscious and less inclined to exercise (drive instead of walk). I found I would dress in darker loose-fitting clothes and felt uncomfortable in my own skin.

Why did you decide to join Jenny Craig?

I joined Jenny Craig after I started to get comments about my weight and people saying, “I had been in a good paddock”. My wife and I had lunch with two friends before Christmas and the first thing they said to me was a comment on how much weight I had gained. The next morning was the clincher I got on the scales and for the first time in my life I was over 100kgs. I decide then it was time to make a change.

Can you describe your experience on the Jenny Craig program?

The team at the Jenny Craig Prahran Centre have been supportive and have played a huge part in my weight loss journey. Being able to come in each week to talk to my consultant was one of the main reasons I joined Jenny Craig. They are always friendly, offer constructive advice and encouragement.

Do you have any favourite items from the Jenny Craig menu?

The menu is really great with plenty of variety. I don’t feel like I am missing out on anything. I even get the occasional Beef Pie, Beef Pastie and Beef Sausage Roll. I had Chicken Satay last night and Cottage Pie the night before, all very nice. I have started to regain my enjoyment of different foods.

Tell us about your Jenny Craig Consultant?

Belinda, Jess and Simone at the Prahran Centre are great. I can be very hard on myself at times but they put everything into perspective. Coming into the centre is a great experience and not one to dread.

How do you feel now that you’ve lost the weight?

Since dropping the weight, I have been shopping and buying clothes for all the right reasons. The suit I wore on my first visit (I nick-named my Jenny suit) swims on me now and I can’t wear it. It was tight when I first started, now if I put it on it looks like I am wearing someone else’s clothes. I looked at my reflection in a window when I was on the phone today and didn’t recognise the profile. The stomach was gone, I was standing up straight and not self-conscious. One of the best things is that I am making good food choices when I am out for dinner, visiting friends or just feeling lazy. I reduced my goal weight by another 4kgs at about 12 -13 weeks in. When I reach my final goal, I know Jenny is going to be there for maintenance and support.

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