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Centre: Strathpine, QLD
Weight Loss: 41kg
Time: 12 Months

My whole life I have been a plus sized girl…fit and active, but I have never ever known what it is like to be within a healthy weight range…until now. Thrilled at my life changing decision to do this is an understatement.

Every single day, I’d wake up, look in the mirror and hated the reflection in front of me. I felt uncomfortable in my clothes, self-conscious and sometimes my hips would ache. I didn’t like what I saw and I didn’t like how it made me feel. I felt really heavily burdened by my weight…not just physically, but mentally too. So at the end of May 2016, after 4 months of mentally preparing myself and dissecting a lot of stuff in my head, I felt strong and ready for the biggest mental strength test of my life, one I have never been able to conquer. I just didn’t want to think about my weight anymore. Too much of my life I had spent thinking about how much I disliked my weight, so I told myself that this was going to be the very last time I ever tried to lose weight and I was not going to fail again. I had considered all of my options – including surgery but I told myself why have surgery when your body is a healthy, fully functioning body with no health issues apart from I was obese, yes I was really obese. I told myself this is it, if I don’t sort out my weight once and for all, I will end up with health issues and it will kill me. I spoke very harshly to myself, but I needed to. I needed to make a massive life change.

I nervously made the phone call to Jenny Craig Strathpine as I wanted to be accountable to someone every week. Janelle was the gorgeous consultant I spoke to. I felt an instant click with her and her name is my middle name. My first consultation with her was extremely emotional for me. The whole realisation of I knowing I had more than 40kg to lose, and I could not even see a glimmer of light at the end of my very long tunnel, but I wanted to do this so much. I was desperate and I told myself if I don’t do it now, I never will and my weight will kill me. So to get my head around the massive amount of weight I had to lose, I set myself mini goals. That really helped me. Janelle has been on this journey with me every single week since. I feel so incredibly grateful to have her to talk to and help me the whole way through. We sure have travelled this journey together.

I’ve been so impressed by the delicious menu Jenny Craig had to offer. I remember Janelle getting me to look at the Week 1 Sheet and she asked me how I liked the look of that menu. On the menu I saw Beef Pie, Choc Chip Bites, Beef Lasagne, Cheesy Baked Potato and I felt scared. To me, there seemed to be so much food, food I had always labelled as “Bad Food”, and that really scared me. I expressed my fears to Janelle and said I am afraid with all of this food, I might not lose any weight. There is so much food to eat compared to how I have been eating. She gently said to me, please just trust me, so I did and here I am today more than 40kg lighter, still as motivated as the first day I started and fully committed to achieving my lifelong dream of not being a plus sized girl anymore. I am proof of how strong your mind and body can be and how well the Jenny Craig program has worked for me. I’ve learnt a lot and been taught that carbs are good which still blows my mind. I’m very committed to ensuring I prepare my food ahead of time as I work shifts, so by being organised there is never an opportunity to make a bad choice. If I have to sacrifice some sleep to have my food organised, I will do that. I’m committed to my exercise which is beautiful walks at the beach, even in the rain. If I walk the neighbourhood where I live, I will always carry 2 shopping bags and stop and do my grocery shopping along the way. It’s an awesome workout on my arms carrying it 1km home. I’ve made a rule that each morning, I eat within half an hour of waking up and also have a big glass of water, that is a positively good start to my day and that is pretty much it.

Start every day with a strong positive mind and you can achieve whatever your heart desires. Stay true to yourself, because if you cheat, you’re only cheating yourself and try not to get discouraged. Sometimes it might feel like the results are not showing but just keep going. Stay focused on your dream of not being overweight anymore, and it will happen. If you fall, just get up, dust yourself off and just keep trucking on. Happiness is contagious, so be happy…I am!

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