Michael got his diabetes under control with Jenny Craig!

By author photo Jenny Craig Team


Weight loss: 14kg

Time: 20 weeks

When Michael’s type 2 diabetes was becoming unmanageable with tablets alone, it inspired a transformation. He shares his story with us.

In 2013 I was diagnosed with diabetes type 2, taking 4 tablets a day trying to stabilise my sugar levels, but finding it hard because of my bad eating habits. I put on more weight over the years, to the point where my doctor was thinking of putting me on Insulin. Instead he increased my tablets to 7 a day, which made me feel worse about my health.

So, my sister and I discussed what we can do to help me lose weight and become healthy again, and we decided to join Jenny Craig together. It has been 4 months since we joined, and I have lost 14 kilos so far. My diabetes has stabilised and I’m only taking 2 tablets a day and feeling fit and healthy again.

The Jenny Craig program has changed my life for the better!

Thanks to the Jenny Craig program and the support from the staff and Consultant Maria, I’m feeling great. The Jenny Craig program has changed my life for the better.


Michael’s Jenny Craig favourites:
Breakfast: Wholemeal Pancakes
Lunch: Beef Pie
Dinner: Chicken Pad Thai
Snack: Cheesy Popcorn

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