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Jenny Craig BMI Calculator Plan

An individual’s body mass index (BMI) is derived from calculations pertaining to their weight and height. BMI provides visual cues in table or chart form for ascertaining one’s excess body fat and the amount of weight loss required to reach healthy levels. The Jenny Craig BMI Calculator offers insight prior to commencement of dieting, plus the opportunity to tailor a personalised meal plan for steady weight loss.

BMI has been in vogue since 1972, when American physiologist Ancel Keys developed the term while studying the influence of diet on health. It is acknowledged by the World Health Organisation as a reliable tool for approximating body fat in the majority of people. Jenny Craig supports BMI and other scientifically proven weight loss aids, and when coupled with nutritious, calorie controlled meals, reaching your target weight is easily achieved one mouthful at a time.

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What plan is best for my BMI?

Jenny Craig supports consistency, with weight loss methods suitable for almost everyone, and your plan is tailored just for you. BMI results gained from weight and height calculations are coupled with additional information including age, health, fitness level and more to establish a genuine foundation for personalising your diet and weight loss plan. We start with a thorough no-obligation consultation, where you get to express your dieting expectations, concerns and targets. Your experienced Jenny Craig Consultant is on your team from day-one, coordinating your plan with the input of highly-qualified dietitians, nutritionists and professional chefs.

Jenny Craig weight loss plans can be short or long-term, depending on your needs. We will even assist during the transition from assisted weight loss to self-sufficient meal preparation and exercise to ensure you stay on track long after your target weight is reached. Getting started is easy, involving just a few simple steps.

Step one: Chat with a Jenny Craig Consultant at your local centre or from the comfort of home. Create a personalised weight loss strategy and design a menu plan, choosing from more than 65 delicious meals for breakfast, lunch, dinner and treats. Schedule weekly meetings with your Consultant and arrange to have your meals home-delivered of picked up.

Step two: Enjoy up to 4 portion and calorie controlled meals per day, all designed by nutritionists and created by experienced chefs. Adapt your meal choices according to new meal selections that are continually added to our range. Appreciate stress free dieting and a break from cooking duties, and admire your steady transformation.

Step three: Check in weekly with your Jenny Craig Consultant for advice and inspiration. Learn how to overcome challenges and stay on track, even while enjoying the occasional diversion to your favourite restaurant. Celebrate your achievements as you progress toward sustainably managed weight loss.

Will going on a plan improve my BMI?

Your body mass index is more than just an indicator of weight. It also offers insight into propensity for serious illnesses that can be avoided. It’s no secret that carrying excess weight can lead to heart problems, diabetes, arthritis and many more serious ailments. Improving your BMI will automatically assist you in leading a healthier, more fulfilling life. Jenny Craig takes the guesswork out of dieting, allowing you to focus on your health without neglecting responsibilities at work or home. Our meals are nutritionally enriched with pure ingredients known to sustain energy without weighing you down and slowing your weight loss progress. Your BMI scale can be viewed as often as you like, inspiring you to move from obese or overweight categories toward healthy weight targets.

Jenny Craig supports BMI and other scientifically proven weight loss aids, and when coupled with nutritious, calorie controlled meals, reaching your target weight is easily achieved one mouthful at a time.

What plans can maintain a healthy BMI?

Transient fad diets come and go, leaving dieters with little support moving forward. Things are different with Jenny Craig, where you become like family, supported by experienced professionals and thousands of satisfied customers just like yourself. We remain on hand for guidance and inspiration and will also assist you in devising an appropriate exercise and activities plan that removes fat and replaces it with toned muscle. Everyone needs help when giving up bad habits, and the easiest way is to replace them with superior, more enjoyable eating and activities arrangements. In time, your Jenny Craig meals plan will become second nature, ensuring you remain within the healthy BMI range permanently.


(Try the Toasted Berry Muesli from the Jenny Craig menu, pictured above as part of a healthy smoothie bowl. See the full menu here)

What is included in a plan?

Jenny Craig is well known as a caring, compassionate weight loss family. Some people are prone to put on weight easily, and the last thing they need is to be constantly reminded of their condition. We have been developing precise weight loss plans since 1983, when Jenny Craig was founded, and we understand that unwanted weight gain is normal for a lot of people. Our plans are designed for convenience, so you can continue as normal while also steadily shedding the kilos.

We offer delicious ready-made meals, weekly consultations, exercise and activities advice, and assist with your overall transition to a healthier, more fulfilling lifestyle. Jenny Craig offers mindful eating, nutritional information, the strength to overcome adversity, positive alternatives, a clearer mindset and real friendship, all in addition to satisfying meals that diminish unwanted hunger cravings. Our meal plans are the full package for a fulfilling life.  


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