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Jenny Craig Best BMI Formula for Weight Loss

There's a lot of judgement in society about a person's weight. But, there shouldn't be. Humans come in all shapes and sizes and being 90kgs doesn't necessarily mean you are overweight, especially if you are 190cm tall. And that's why the BMI formula is the favoured standard for measuring and assessing body weight. Body Mass Index (BMI) uses your height and weight to calculate a figure that determines where you fit on the scale. It may sound complicated and something for Maths-minded brains but don't worry, Jenny Craig has an easy BMI calculator that does all the calculating for you.


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How can knowing my BMI help with weight loss?

As a society, we are hard-wired to think and believe that the number on our bathroom scales determines whether we are a healthy weight. Although the BMI metric may not be perfect and accurate for all lifestyle and ethnicities, it's a better and a fair indication of whether you are underweight, healthy weight, overweight or obese. Knowing where you fit on the BMI scale will assist your Jenny Craig Consultant in devising the best meal plan to help you lose weight and change your BMI.

What is the BMI formula?

The BMI formula is your weight (in kilograms) divided by your height (in centimetres) squared.

Here's an example using a weight of 65kgs and height of 165cm:

65kgs / 1.65m² = 65 / 2.72 = 23.9, which falls into the healthy weight BMI.

Less than 18.5 = underweight

Between 18.5 and 24.9 = normal weight range

Between 25 and 29.9 = overweight (pre-obese)

Over 30 = obese

The World Health Organisation suggests these values as a guide for adults. Jenny Craig makes knowing your BMI super easy with our user-friendly BMI calculator. Just type in your current weight and height and receive your BMI instantly. Get your BMI score now.

Knowing where you fit on the BMI scale will assist your Jenny Craig Consultant in devising the best meal plan to help you lose weight and change your BMI.

How can I improve my BMI?

Your BMI is used as a guideline for weight loss (or gain, in some cases). Your Jenny Craig Consultant takes your BMI and many other diet, fitness and lifestyle factors into play when creating your personalised weight loss program. With healthy eating, daily exercise, commitment, support and determination, you can improve your BMI. Losing weight and changing your BMI can lower your risk of heart disease, stroke, type 2 diabetes, certain cancers and other chronic diseases.


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When should you not rely on BMI for weight loss?

Health professionals know that the body mass index system is not accurate for children or the elderly. It is also not the greatest indication of healthy weight for the super athletic or certain ethnic groups. Some cultures are naturally larger and have more muscle, while some cultures are smaller with less muscle mass. What the BMI does not currently take into account is weight circumference, which is another important indication to your health and your risk of obesity-related diseases. Males should have a waist smaller than 94cm and woman, smaller than 80cm. While knowing your BMI is helpful in determining whether you could lose weight, it's not the be all to end all.

Body Mass Index, bathroom scales, food choices and fitness routines can be hard to figure out on your own. But there's good news. Jenny Craig's team of professional health consultants, nutritionists and chefs are on stand-by from the beginning to the end of your weight loss program. Get in touch today for a chat about your weight loss goals.

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