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Jenny Craig BMI Calculator – Australia

The Body Mass Index (BMI) provides a reliable guide to relative levels of obesity according to the World Health Organisation (WHO). BMI was originally devised in the 1830s by Adolphe Quetelet, a Belgian mathematician and statistician in a discipline he named ‘social physics’. The term body mass index (BMI) has been used since 1972 when the Journal of Chronic Diseases published a paper related to obesity using the ratio of human body weight to height squared. Don’t fret if calculus isn’t your strong suit however, as the Jenny Craig BMI Calculator does the math for you, providing you with your personal BMI score.


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How do you calculate your BMI?

Obesity has reached chronic proportions in most developed nations, with Australia and New Zealand not immune from the negative effects of too much of the good life. Developing a weight loss strategy is at the forefront of many people’s minds but knowing exactly how and when to start dieting can be confusing. With so many fad diets, fasting programs, radical plans and outright bad advice available, it’s not surprising that many people give up entirely on the idea of dieting.

Jenny Craig, on the other hand, has been assisting countless men and women worldwide lose weight for decades. Established in 1983, Jenny Craig is now a household name for all the right reasons, supported by glowing endorsements from successful weight loss customers from all walks of life. Our calorie and portion-controlled meals are well known, as are our amazing Consultants who guide the weight loss journey from start to finish. Less well known are our full range of weight loss incentives and tools for tailoring the experience.

The Jenny Craig BMI Calculator, for example, has assisted thousands of Australians on their weight loss journey and beyond. Simply by inputting your weight and height into the Jenny Craig BMI Calculator you receive a score that gives a good indication of present weight status.

  • 18.4 or less (underweight)

  • 18.5 – 24.9 (healthy weight)

  • 25.0 – 29.9 (overweight)

  • 30.0 or more (obese)

Our calorie and portion-controlled meals are well known, as are our amazing Consultants who guide the weight loss journey from start to finish. Less well known are our full range of weight loss incentives and tools for tailoring the experience.

What factors influence the BMI calculator?

BMI provides a relative indication of fat that can be removed to attain healthy weight levels. It is a guideline tool and not a diagnostic device, so shouldn’t be used as an alternative to professional medical advice, particularly for people suffering ailments that may impact on the accuracy of BMI readings. In fact, there are situations where BMI isn’t recommended for developing a weight loss strategy. Those unsuited to BMI scores relative to weight loss include:

  • Some ethnic groups, including Pacific Islanders

  • Bodybuilders and weight lifters

  • Those with extreme obesity

  • High performance athletes

  • Pregnant women

  • The elderly

  • Children


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What is a healthy BMI?

Healthy BMI scores between 18.5 – 24.9 are the norm, although people in some of the above categories will differ. Body builders, for example, are often surprised to find their personal BMI score places them in the overweight or even obese category. This is because muscle weighs more than fat, and the BMI calculator doesn’t discriminate between body tissue types. A degree of personal introspection is required, along with an honest appraisal of your own body and tendency to put on weight in the form of fat.

Your initial Jenny Craig consultation will disclose the appropriate approach to dieting according to your physical needs and weight loss aspirations. We take much more than weight into consideration, with other factors including height, age, ethnicity, health and physical activities. Only at this point do we begin to tailor your personal meal plan designed for steady weight loss and improved vitality that will be appreciated with each passing week.

What should you consider when calculating your BMI?

As mentioned, there is a lot to consider when calculating your BMI, and your score is best appraised by an expert Jenny Craig Consultant. Most people’s personal body image is skewed, as evident by the amount of people who blame their mirror for their looks, and there is no shame in taking guidance from the experts. BMI provides weight assessments that aren’t available by bathroom scales alone, and when your BMI results are appraised by professional nutritionists and dieticians, your chances of weight loss success are dramatically improved.

In time BMI will become your friend as you transition from obese or overweight into healthy weight levels. Jenny Craig is the proven weight loss program, where home delivered meals add to the attraction. We do all we can to ensure you remain satisfied and satiated without unwanted hunger cravings or irritability. With Jenny Craig, you are relieved of cooking duties and can continue in regular employment and social activities without undue stress. We even make allowance for celebrating special occasions or the occasional treat at your favourite restaurant. With Jenny Craig, your life can continue as normal, but your normal is guaranteed to get better and better.

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