What Is A Healthy Weight Range And How Can You Obtain It?

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Jenny Craig BMI – How to Measure Weight Range

People who have successfully completed a weight loss program agree that it’s not too difficult once you get started and begin to see transformative results. However, getting started can be the hardest part, and we all need inspiration. Jenny Craig has been inspiring and guiding weight loss clients since 1983 when the company was founded, and with thousands of successful customers leading the way, you are assured of following a weight loss program that really works for long-term results.

Jenny Craig offers comprehensive diet strategies, positive lifestyle inspiration, healthy exercise guidance, tailored menu plans and resources that include a BMI calculator to measure weight range and focus on weight loss targets. Body mass index (BMI) has been used for decades as a weight and health indicator supported by the World Health Organisation (WHO), and is an important initial consideration for establishing suitable dieting guidelines.


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What is a healthy weight range?

We are all individuals, with varying body sizes and shapes to consider. Healthy weight is an overall bodily composition and not simply something ascertained when stepping on the bathroom scales. For example, a woman wanting to appear petite may in fact be undernourished and anaemic, while a man wanting to boast about his build could well be comprised of more fat than muscle. For these reasons and more, BMI was established to measure body composition that takes fat, muscle, bone and organs into consideration.

BMI correlates both weight and height using mathematical calculations that result in a personalised BMI score. The Jenny Craig BMI calculator enables users to understand their present status according to select categories and appreciate their degree of excess fat, facilitating establishment of a suitable weight loss plan.  With Jenny Craig guidance that includes the input of qualified dieticians, nutritionists and your personal Consultant, weight loss targets become tangible and easily reached. By using height as an additional measurement tool, a healthy weight range is disclosed with the BMI calculator as follows.

  • 18.4 or less (underweight)

  • 18.5 – 24.9 (healthy weight)

  • 25.0 – 29.9 (overweight)

  • 30.0 or more (obese)

It’s worth noting that certain people aren’t suited to BMI calculations, including pregnant women, children, the elderly and muscular people.

With Jenny Craig guidance that includes the input of qualified dieticians, nutritionists and your personal Consultant, weight loss targets become tangible and easily reached.

What weight range is considered overweight?

BMI is somewhat unforgiving, and some people who think they are a healthy weight will find themselves in the overweight category. BMI provides a guideline for weight status and a degree of individual discrimination is required, so your Jenny Craig Consultant will also take age, physical activities, overall health and other factors into consideration prior to establishing your personalised weight loss meals plan. It’s also a fact that women on average carry more fat than men, so allowance should be made for slight variables.

The overweight BMI range of 25.0 – 29.9 is however, a reliable indicator of weight and health status for most people. Optimum health and vitality is achieved in the healthy weight range, and with Jenny Craig guidance your weight loss targets will become a reality. Our service includes more than 65 delicious menu options prepared by professional chefs, along with other services that include:

  • Establishing a healthy relationship with food based on portion and calorie control

  • Active lifestyle guidance that incorporates natural, planned and playful activities

  • A balanced approach to living that encourages a healthy mindset and self-monitoring


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What weight range is considered underweight?

Anyone who has veered toward being underweight can testify that it poses inherent dangers to health and wellbeing. Apart from the mental torment involved in trying to maintain a rail-thin catwalk model figure, health risks include nutritional deficiencies, osteoporosis and other physical and psychological ailments. An underweight BMI of 18.4 or less can lead to a host of problems that are easily solved by healthy, satisfying and nutrition packed meals provided by Jenny Craig. With 104 Jenny Craig Centres around Australia and New Zealand, the opportunity for home-delivered or picked-up meals is available for everyone, whether underweight, obese, or anywhere in-between.

What weight range is considered obese?

An obese BMI range of 30.0 or more can lead to serious illnesses and ailments. Don’t fret however, as the tide is easily turned, and you will begin to experience life-changing results the moment you commence a Jenny Craig weight loss program. Weight gained over years or decades needs to be reduced steadily rather than dramatically, so with Jenny Craig you don’t need to undertake radical changes at work or home to achieve results. Our entire team is on your side, along with the support of thousands of successful customers just like yourself, and we even make allowance for celebrating special occasions or the occasional visit to your favourite restaurant.

Obesity is a major problem in developed countries, and can lead to heart disease, high blood pressure, arthritis and many more debilitating ailments. All these problems can be reversed by a commitment to a Jenny Craig weight loss program, and we will even assist you to transition to healthy meal preparation and positive lifestyle choices once you have reached your weight target.

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