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Jenny Craig BMI Calculator for Men

The best weight loss programs begin even before dieting commences. Everyone is different, with individual propensity to gain and lose weight according to physical and psychological characteristics. Appropriate weight loss isn’t a one-size-fits-all approach, so Jenny Craig weight loss plans target individual needs, with tailored meals adapted to specific indicators including height, weight, age, ethnicity and fitness levels. The Jenny Craig BMI calculator is another useful tool in the fight against unwanted weight, and a sensible way for men to get their bearings and ascertain weight loss targets.

Although men often prefer to work things out on their own, it’s easier to remain inspired with weight loss support and guidance provided by Jenny Craig. The transition is smoother with personalised meal choices from more than 65 menu options, along with the choice of home delivery or meals picked up from one of our 104 Jenny Craig Centres across Australia and New Zealand. Steady and safe weight loss for men is entirely possible, without skipping meals or struggling with food cravings.

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How do I calculate my BMI?

Body Mass Index (BMI) has been used effectively for decades to give a general idea of optimum weight and excess weight being carried. It is acknowledged by the World Health Organisation as a valuable assessment measure of body composition and an indicator of required weight loss (or gain) for healthy outcomes. Your Jenny Craig weight loss journey is overseen by accredited dietitians, nutritionists, and your own personal Consultant to ensure you stay on track and ultimately reach your goals.

BMI is a score based on your weight and height. It provides an indicator of excess fat that is easily removed by appropriate diet, prior to being replaced by muscle with exercise. Your BMI score adds supporting information not accessed by bathroom scales, and will determine if you are underweight, healthy weight, overweight or obese. The Jenny Craig BMI Calculator is simple to use, providing you with the knowledge and inspiration to commence your weight loss journey.

What is a healthy BMI for men?

Carrying excess weight can have debilitating effects, both physical and mental, but lethargy and fatigue can be banished and replaced by vitality and zest for life. Body mass index is particularly useful for men whose weight gain is caused by fat rather than muscle. It’s worth noting that BMI isn’t suitable for certain athletes such as body builders, and is also not generally advised for youngsters who are still growing and filling out their bodies. If your excess weight is mostly attributed to fat, it’s easy to get a general idea of your BMI status using the Jenny Craig BMI Calculator.

  • 18.4 or less (underweight)

  • 18.5 – 24.9 (healthy weight)

  • 25.0 – 29.9 (overweight)

  • 30.0 or more (obese)

Obesity rates in Australia and New Zealand are among the highest in the world, and Jenny Craig is determined to reverse the trend using appropriate weight loss strategies, tools, and healthy vitamin packed meals prepared just for you.

Your Jenny Craig weight loss journey is overseen by accredited dietitians, nutritionists, and your own personal Consultant to ensure you stay on track and ultimately reach your goals.

Can a BMI calculator tell if you are overweight?

BMI gives a general idea of your weight status. The information can be further refined taking personal characteristics into consideration. With the assistance of your Jenny Craig Consultant you will learn exactly how much weight you should lose, along with a meals program that helps you reach targets steadily, without the hunger cravings or stress associated with drastic fasting or starvation diets. Jenny Craig is already famous for portion and calorie controlled meals packed full of goodness, but our assistance isn’t one-dimensional. We also guide you in other ways, including:

  • A healthy relationship with food that includes mindful eating and nutritional advice

  • An active lifestyle where planned and spontaneous physical activities are introduced

  • A balanced approach that encourages behavioural change and problem solving

  • The transition from assisted dieting to self-monitored weight maintenance


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What men should not use the BMI calculator?

The Jenny Craig BMI Calculator is a valuable aid for men who are serious about losing weight and improving overall health. However, it is only useful when used appropriately and honestly, taking your genuine physical traits into consideration. There are always exceptions to every rule, although BMI is extremely useful for most men who want to lose weight. If you have achieved muscle mass courtesy of a dedicated exercise routine, your weight is probably suitable although a BMI score might indicate otherwise.

Well-toned body builders and sports people carry heavy muscle rather that fat, and a weight loss program/BMI calculation won’t provide useful information. Larger men like to consider themselves big and strong, and fat can mimic muscle to a degree, but if you find yourself struggling, puffing and panting while walking up a flight of stairs, that’s probably fat rather than muscle doing the talking. Your next conversation should preferably be with a Jenny Craig Consultant who is ready to help the real transformation begin.

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