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Jenny Craig BMI Scale

The body mass index (BMI) scale, is an incredibly simple device for weight assessment. It’s used by medical practitioners, weight loss experts and individuals to categorise health using weight and height considerations. Once a person knows their weight and height, a BMI scale will offer additional dieting reference, along with weight loss targets worth aiming for. The Jenny Craig BMI Scale is a sensible measuring device and counterpart for the bathroom scales, and will ultimately become a friend every time you check weight loss progress.

Every Jenny Craig resource can be tailored for the individual, providing personalised choices that make dieting much easier. We support BMI as it provides an outline for long-term strategies for healthy weight loss. With Jenny Craig, weight loss is supported by many holistic strategies that include:

  • A healthy relationship with food

  • An active lifestyle

  • A balanced approach to living

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What is the BMI scale?

The origin of BMI in modern medicine stems from the work of Adolphe Quetelet during the mid-1800’s while developing ‘social physics’. Body Mass Index (BMI) was first coined in 1972 by Ancel Keys and others in the Journal of Chronic Diseases, and the method soon gained favour as an indicator of relative obesity and optimum healthy weight.

The BMI scale provides categories of weight relative to height, assisting people of all sizes to get an accurate reading. Although we are all individuals, humans function best when fit and healthy, so BMI can help dieters set personal boundaries and establish weight loss targets. Using both weight and height calculations, BMI can provide health and dieting guidance in harmony with the bathroom scales. Your BMI will fall into one of these categories:

  • 18.4 or less (underweight)

  • 18.5 – 24.9 (healthy weight)

  • 25.0 – 29.9 (overweight)

  • 30.0 or more (obese)

What is a healthy BMI range?

Fortunately, a healthy BMI range means different things for different people. Although the healthy weight range can be a long-term goal, all appropriate weight lose is healthy for obese and overweight people who want to lead more active lives. The steady rewards of BMI improvements are appreciated by Jenny Craig customers, while reaching healthy weight targets is all part of the plan.

Healthy BMI scale improvements are achieved during every phase of your Jenny Craig weight loss journey. Successful stress free weight loss is easier when you have an entire team on your side including dieticians, nutritionists and your own Jenny Craig Consultant for personal guidance. Weight loss can be daunting at first; that’s why we make sure every base is covered for convenient weight loss advice, inspiration, and action.

Natural body shape is an essential consideration when planning weight loss, and some people have heavy bone and muscle structure that results in higher BMI scale results. BMI is a useful tool for creating guidelines based on averages, but none of us likes to think of ourselves as average, a trait shared by Jenny Craig experts who are on your team from consultation to transformation to help you look good and stand out in the crowd.

Every Jenny Craig resource can be tailored for the individual, providing personalised choices that make dieting much easier. We support BMI as it provides an outline for long-term strategies for healthy weight loss.

What is an overweight BMI range?

In one sense, an overweight BMI range delivers news similar to the bathroom scales. Weight is an issue for more people than ever, and overweight people won’t get a quick fix with BMI. In fact, even muscular and heavy-boned people find themselves categorised with overweight and even obese people at times. However, the majority of extra weight carried by regular people is fat that adds weight where it needn’t be.

Assisting obese and overweight women and men has been the Jenny Craig specialty since 1983, and although the challenge is indeed big, we are helping more people now than ever before. An overweight BMI range provides valuable weight loss guideline and inspiration when you need it.


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What is an underweight BMI range?

Ailments and illnesses associated with weight are usually attributed to obesity, but being underweight can also lead to health problems; sometimes with debilitating effects. Thin and slender people should take their personal physique, age and general health into account when measuring BMI, as an underweight BMI isn’t always a sign of ill health. Some active people seem to burn off fat faster than they put it on, while larger people who take longer to get motivated have the potential for developing solid muscle that replaces fat.

The Jenny Craig BMI scale is a useful assessment tool that will help us work with you to develop weight loss strategies. With more than 65 menu options, plus the opportunity for meal home-delivery or pick-up, enjoying special treats has never been easier or more useful. When meals are prepared to perfection, portion and calorie controlled, packed with body replenishing nutrients, and ready to serve, weight loss is possible for anyone.

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